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Run Fuel!

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Run Gear!

Things I run with and I think you might find useful as well.
(((I will add more gear and reviews soon to come!)))
Mizuno is my favorite running shoe. EVER. They make me feel as though I am almost flying. They seem to add a nice little bounce to my step. Oh and the flowers? Those are just pretty.. From P, on my birthday. I figured I would keep them in the picture. :-)
Found these super bright socks (The girls I volunteer with find them fun!) and Fuel Belt at Marshalls of all places.  The FuelBelt has proved to be an invaluable tool!  Fits snugly and doesn't bounce too much if I get it situated just right.  Good for longish runs, but if running longer than 10 miles I prefer to carry extra fluid.

I used to run in Brooks, and I PRed in these bad, pink mamma jammas... but have recently switched to Mizunos...

This is my trusty Garmin I bought back in 2012 and love it! Very easy to figure out, basic, and accurate.  Check it out HERE on the Garmin site. I  have seen where it's cheaper on Amazon.  Best investment I've made for running.  PERIOD.

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