Fun Fitness With Kid(s)

My boy and I have a TON of fun!  It's part of what makes staying active and healthy enjoyable.  Here I will throw out a few ideas to help incorporate kids with fitness and well being.

  • Add fitness to games i.e. ~ Go Army Go Fish! Just like your standard Go Fish game with one little extra rule: for every turn you must "go fish" the person on your left gives you a command of 5 reps of whatever fitness move they choose (push-ups, sit-ups, squats etc.)  My son loves this version!  He always tries to out do me on the push-ups...and he generally does!  I bet you could get creative and add this to almost any game!
  • On nice days out hit the local bike path, trails, or wherever you can ride a bike!  I let my son ride his bike and I run after him.  He helps me with my "speedwork" ... but I'm finding that I may have to invest in a bike real soon.... he's getting too fast!
  • Invest in something small like a fitness trampoline.  We crank the music up and see how many different poses and steps we can do while jumping. 
  • Try out the classics such as Hide and Seek and Tag!  Especially if it's nice outside, I would encourage you to play outside.
  • Clean house crazy style!  For every piece of laundry you throw in the dryer add some squats, while vacuuming and dusting add some cool dance moves in! During dishes add calve can really come up with anything.
  • Have a play date with friends at the park.  If the park is small enough to keep an eye out on the kid(s) jog a few laps around the park while the kiddos play and add some step-ups on a nearby bench and get some pull-ups in on the monkey bars! 
  • Don't forget the cooking! Select a few easy, healthy recipes and let the child choose and then go on a scavenger hunt at the grocery store to find the items.  Get the child involved in the cooking and it will turn the child on to cooking more and eating out less!  Well... with the exception of pizza nights!!  With that you can always make a pizza together. (DISCLAIMER:  I am not a very good cook at all!  So if anyone has easy, healthy food ideas feel free to share!!!!)
  • Here's a super helpful grocery shopping idea!  Have your child and yourself pick out a new FRESH fruit or veggie and google a recipe with that ingredient.  (We tried mango and cilantro for a Mango Salsa! Find that recipe HERE! It looks so yummy and is super versatile with when cooking...think baked fish, rice with salsa poured over when baking!)

You will notice most of theses ideas include the word "play".  I am a firm believer in play!  And it just so happens so are children.  Having a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be boring, in fact it's quite the opposite once you add some play time! 
I will add more as I come across some other ideas or come up with anything new.  My son inspires me to live a long and healthy life and I hope this blog will too!
Get out there and get moving!  Time with your kids is priceless.

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