Running Reads

Here's a compiled list of books I found helpful in my running journey.
I usually find the books at the local library if I can.  But if I'm looking to really study a training plan I like to purchase.  I am a Barnes and Nobles nerd! Amazon is another great place to buy affordable books. 

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    • Running for Women by Joan Benoit Sameulson, Gold Medalist, 1984 Olympic Marathon   -- I personally loved this book because she talks a lot about BALANCE.  Especially pertaining to children, family and training. Find her Biography HERE!

Run Less, Run Faster by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss

    • I have been using this book for the current training year (2012) and this plan has definitely improved my time!  I went from a 27:07 PR 5k to a 24:02 PR 5k in less than 6 months!  Definitely worth the read.  I would NOT recommend this one for  beginners.  You want to have a base of  good miles in before you begin any program in here.  But they go over all that with you in the beginning chapters.


Runner's Reading:
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    • Love her book!  Anytime I need a boost of encouragement or just need to get pumped up about running again I open this book.  Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and she writes in such a way that you feel like YOU can accomplish anything.  Her tips and favorite quotes throughout are practical and useful.  Oh, and she totally knows what it's like to be a mother runner!

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