Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: Yesterday and Insecurities.

We can waste our time with worry over our yesterday's troubles, but where does that leave us? Stuck in yesterday. What about TODAY? Why rob ourselves of NEW and fresh chances to rock our corners of the world? I know this is something I definitely have to work on. Daily. While yesterday may offer some valuable lessons, it doesn't offer repeats. No doing over the day. It's done. Which means we must learn, leave yesterday alone, and carry on. 
One reason we dwell in the past, I believe, is our own insecurities. Fears. Doubts. Each time that 'ol devil (or whatever mean thing) tries to remind you of your past hurts, mistakes, or mishaps, try replacing those thoughts with positive images and thoughts. For example, when I'm tempted to say I'm not beautiful enough, I'm too short, I lost my temper again the other day so I must be a horrible emotional wreck of a woman...
I'll remind myself of that time:
I kept my cool at work during crazy hour and even helped someone else figure their problem out. 
I made an awesome dinner and left the kitchen in tact. **insert happy dance here**
I ran a fast race. A personal best. Even on short legs!
I made a special lunch or dinner date for my honey. 
I ran a 22 miler on my own. 
I encouraged young ladies to run and be their bests. 
I helped my son learn and grow. Taught him how to be strong yet kind. 

Now you: what thoughts can you replace?

We all have some horrible experiences or difficult times in our pasts. We all have our own little sets of 'screw ups', hang ups, and guilt. I'm no saint. 
We also have so much good in us! Past, present, and future. 
Run towards the prize. Run relentlessly forward
The best is yet to come. Stay hopeful my friends. And when you need a shoulder, you know where to find me. 

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


  1. Oh and I know this all to well. Why is it so much harder to think about the positive things? It seems so much easier to worry. Definitely something I have to work on as well.

    1. At least we can be here blogging and supporting each other here. POSITIVE VIBES! :-)


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