Monday, June 16, 2014

#MotivationalMonday: The Week Before Marathon Training Begins!

It's like waiting for Christmas! The week before freaking Christmas! I've been waiting all winter and spring to get my rear into gear for a marathon. I've been slowly building mileage to about 25+/- per week so when I so start mt it won't be such a shock to my body's system with speedwork, tempos and long runs. Last week was a bit of a wash so I figure if I spill the beans on my intended workout goals then I'd be more inclined to complete them. Maybe? I don't know. Worth a shot. But oh, it also gives me a great reason to try out my sample pack of Energy Bits that came in the mail. I ate them 20 mins pre workout this morning. I'd say they work! I completed my speed session and was able to jog all my rest intervals when I normally would jog/walk my RIs. Nothing spectacular like crazy-super-hyper energy, but it felt like a natural stream of energy. Which is good! No crash. Still plugging along just fine through my work day too. 
Anyways... I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. Look out for a full review and giveaway next week! 

For now head over to my post from last week to enter my CheriBundi smoothie pack giveaway. You definitely don't want to miss out on that! So yum! And the cherry powers (reduce muscle inflammation, better sleep, quicker recovery..etc) are amazing. No embellishing here. It's a true story. 

So anyway, my week's workout goals look roughly like this:
**I also work seven consecutive days working a variety of shifts in the pharmacy... So I'm curious to see how I hold out.**
Monday: 6:30 am 5 miles speed work treadmill at home  -- done! 
Tuesday: 7:00 am 6 miles hills with kid on bike riding alongside 
Wednesday: 6:40 pm Vinyasa yoga class at gym  oooommmmm
Thursday: 6:00 pm arm/chest weight session post work-shift + easy 3 miles 
Friday: 4:45 am 6 mile tempo on treadmill
Saturday: optional rest day 
Sunday: 6:45 am easy 8 miles 
Goal total: 28 miles 

Ugh. As you can see my schedule varies. It shifts from early am to late pm and it is never a set thing each week. Each week day --week to week also-- differs so I'm constantly having to switch up which days I can weight train or run. The only consistency is the Wednesday night yoga. 
Here we go! 

**Do you have a set workout/running schedule? Any training plans starting up for you?**
RQOTD: Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
Vanilla girl here!!

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


  1. I know what you mean about it feeling like waiting for Christmas! It looks like you have a fantastic week ahead of you, and you're definitely ready to rock the mileage! LET'S DO THIIIIIIIIIIIIS!


Thanks for the love :~)