Monday, June 9, 2014

#Monday Motivation and New Running Fuels!

Truth: running helps keep me sane. Helps clear my mind.

Oh, and please forgive the format today. It bothers me when I can't embed links! Ahhh! Blogging on the run. I'll be cleaning up a few things tomorrow when I get time. K? Thanks :-) 
So on that note,
Good day errrrrbody! A few things today: y'all remember my post from last Thursday about running in heat and humidity? 

Well one of the best tips for running in h & h is to STAY HYDRATED! So this week I'll be focusung on trying out some new runing fuels and I'll be hosting TWO giveaways. What?! I know. I know. It's exciting. I'll throw one out on Tuesday and one out on Thursday, so stay tuned.  The good folks from EnergyBits contacted me and will be sending me a pack in the mail this week to try out and offered to give one lucky reader of mine a pack too! (And I somehow lucked out and won another pack from Run Like a Bird. Check her blog out!
And my friends from CheriBundi, you may remember my cherry love, has sent me more goodies to try and share! I'll have more smoothie packs to giveaway! I swear by their tart cherry juice for muscle soreness. Really! I haven't been using ibuprofen since I don't know when!
Two other products I'm trying, NUUN and honey stingers. No giveaways here yet on these products but I'm betting I may have some in the future. 

I purchased these on a whim, since I couldn't find my fav ClifBar ShotBloks, while shopping for new running gear from Dick's sporting goods. I grabbed some compression shorts by Under Armour. UA is probably one of my favorite brands to run in! Excited to try these itty bitty bad boys out. Should keep me cool this summer.

***Have you tried any of the above products? Favorites? What other fuels do you use to aid in energy and hydration? Favorite running brand(s)?***

RQOTD: favorite vegetable? Baby carrots!! I love them so much I'm trying to grow my own in my makeshift garden. 

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


  1. Running calms me a lot. It allows my mind to rest a bit and I can reflect on my past, present and future while working out.

    1. Yes. It's amazing how running is calming, relaxing, yet working us out all in the same stride!


Thanks for the love :~)