Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Focusing On The Good: #WisdomWednesday

Having a long, stressful workweek can feel, well, stressful! It's all too easy to allow yourself to become bogged down with work and many of the negativities that rolls with it. You really have to anchor down to all the good and beautiful that surrounds you to help push you along. Because it's there. Just see it. 
5 positive things that are helping me get through this forever long workweek:

1.) yoga on Wednesday!! And what's even better about yoga class is that it's a whole hour of relaxation with my fiancĂ©. I always look forward to our class together. 

2.) having a great running schedule laid out and executing it well. I've got two done thus far! Feeling like a champ. I officially start marathon training next week. Wooohooo! <insert happy dance>

3.) peanut butter cupcakes. My future husband made some for me last night after I got off work. And he doesn't even like peanut butter. He knew I had a long week ahead and a late night that night so he helped 'sweeten' me up. Yes, my fiancĂ© is awesome. No you can not have him. 

4.) my son. If you're a fan on my facebook page you've read what silly thing he said regarding my Garmin. If not, go like Flying Feet in Faith and check it out. He brightens my day! He will also be going away to camp for a whole week next week. :-( he's growing way too fast!

5.) keeping my eye on the prize! My wedding dress is in! Yay! So I get to go next Monday to try it on.... When I finally have a day off work!! 

***What positive is currently in your life? What helps you get through a long week?***

Happy (& Blessed) Running!

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