Friday, June 6, 2014

Feeling Free Friday: The Running Nerd Behind Flying Feet

Sup y'all! For this edition of Feeling Free Friday I'd like to offer a little peek into who I am. Who's the chick behind Flying Feet in Faith? It might be scary... And after all is said and done and you make it through to the end of this post ((bless your souls!)) please feel free to comment something nice about who you are! I love getting to know my readers and connecting. That's my favorite part about the blogging world. Connecting, learning, and building friendships. If you're feeling froggy, put up a post on your blog peeking into the real world of you and link back!

**Plus: I'm thinking I'd like to do a guest blogger post! If you're interested in putting up something running, health, encouragement or along those lines here shoot me a line! Find my email info under the Contact Me tab. 

Ok. Cool. Now for my own personal gossip. Let's start with the basics. 

Name: Jessica Dawn
Age: 28
Height: shorter than your average girl 
Weight: classified information. If I told you, I'd have to kill you. No, but really...


Color: sunset. It is a color. It's like pink, orange, and red all mixed up
Food: PASTA!!! And peanut butter. But not together. Ew. 
Drink: coffee. Duh. Oh, and water. 
Music: blue grass, country, contemporary Christian but I like to run to rock and hip hop stuff 
Season: fall - perfect weather, gorgeous colors, and I'm getting married this fall!!!
Day of the week: any day I'm off work ha, ha. But I really do enjoy Sundays. 
Person: this is a tie. I have all kinds of favorite people in different categories but I'll go with my fiancé and my son.

Book: the Bible and the Lore of Running (basically the runners bible) 
Workout: running, yoga and weights with the fiancé 
Pastime: currently it's wedding planning. But normally my thing to do is drinking hot tea and reading. Told you I'm a nerd. Usually reading a running magazine or devotional. 
Racing distance: 26.2 all the way!
Place: the beach. 
Famous Runner: Kara Goucher

What I do:

Work: currently I'm a certified pharmacy tech. But I'm in the process of getting my certified personal trainer cert from NASM. I go take the CPR class in July so I'm that much closer! 
I want to make my living helping others living full and vibrant lives. 

If I don't have some sort of goal going on to actively pursue I feel sick and lost. Sad. Currently I'm:
*shooting for a sub-47 10k
*Qualify for Boston 
*Become a CPT and start looking into training peeps 

SMART girls volunteer coach but am off for the summer! We start back up in September. 

Good qualities/Bad Qualities:

+Generally optimistic
-Easily frustrated when things don't go as planned. Paticularly as I had planned them. LOL! 
-Too high expectations of everyone around me
+Caring and compassionate
-I get too ill when hungry :-/ snap too easily   

Just a few things ... 

The Lord!
My fiancé!
My son!
My family 
Shopping for running clothes! 
Motivated peeps
Flowers. Especially ranunculus, dahlias, garden roses
Roller coasters!!
Trail running. Hiking. 
The beach, love oceans wave sounds...
Kind hearts and sweet souls 
We all know I love running 
Pretty Place Cleveland, SC where we are getting hitched!! See how pretty...

Not so much love:

Mean gossip 
Pickles. Eeeew. Ew. Ew!
Bad news 
The 5k distance race. Speed is hard for me. Plus you pay for only 20something minutes of road! 
Not having extra money to shop for running clothes. 
Being hungry. 

Oh, there's more I'm sure but if I haven't bored you all already I'll stop while I'm ahead!!

**Your turn! Tell me one or two random fact(s) about you!**

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


  1. Oh how lovely. Getting to know you = best part of my Saturday! Bless! :)

    Random fact: I used to jump horses (hunter/jumper horseback riding). I miss it an awful lot some days!

    1. Aw thanks! Never have done the horse back riding thing. How come you don't ride anymore?

  2. LOVE this post!! I might steel it and also write on my blog soon. So excited for your wedding. Hope you will share pictures!!

    1. Thanks :-) you know I will share one or two ;-) and by all means steal and share!!! I'd love to learn more about you too!


Thanks for the love :~)