Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#WisdomWednesday: Discipline. Yuck.

I'm just going to lay it out straight, I do not like discipline. At. All. Nope. 
I have a hard time with being 'wrong'. I hate being told 'no'. Especially when I have to tell myself no. 'No, Jessica. You do NOT need a 50th piece of chocolate.' And sometimes my own personal discipline lacks. 'Oh, I'll get around to it [laundry, dishes, writing out thank you cards, you name it] later.' ... Like 20 years later.

But supposedly it's [discipline] good for us. 
It refines us. Makes us better. What would happen if we were never disciplined? We wouldn't grow. We would become stagnant or even worse. It's so necessary to welcome discipline. 

So, what about self discipline? Are we able to push ourselves daily to complete needed tasks? 

"You have to learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable." ~ Lou Piniella

I know there's many days (including, like, right now) where I'm sitting on my butt when I should be studying, running, doing laundry...but blogging about discipline is more important than actually following thru. Right?! 
I kid. I kid. 
Well...I've disciplined myself to drink coffee every morning, religiously. Ha!
It takes serious discipline to achieve goals and dreams. When we look at elite athletes, folks with doctorates, coaches, star musicians, or any other 'great', or even the mom with a quiver full of kiddos, we see great accomplishments that come from...slacking off and sitting around. No. From daily discipline. Hard work. Persistence. 
It starts with small steps and then you press on daily. Over and over again. Even if your goal is not to become "a great", you should strive to be the greatest you, you can be. 

I want to BQ more than I want to be lazy 

One way we can practice self discipline is join in a challenge to help keep you motivated. 
Currently I'm participating in the Runners World run streak #RWRunStreak where I must run at least one mile daily. Do you think run streaking is good for your body? Thoughts?

YOUR TURN! Do you struggle with discipline? With being disciplined and/or keeping yourself disciplined? 
RQOTD: {{new feature! Random Question Of The Day. For those who may not relate to said post(s) :-)}}
What's one food you CAN NOT live without?
My answer? Peanut butter. I tried living without it for a while but it was death. 

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


  1. The 2 things that I have a hard time giving up - potato chips and wine!!!
    Discipline is hard and I do fine on the workout front but a lot of other areas I still struggle!

    1. I've been thinking, I believe I struggle most with disciplining my mouth!!! Lol

  2. I thrive and am the most comfortable in my skin with discipline. It's my comfort zone. Nut butters of all kind. I would hate to have to live without them.

    Stopping by from your comment on my guest post at Work In Sweats Mama :)

    1. I definitely thrive better when disciplined! And I love me some nutt butters ;-) thank you for stopping by! I enjoy your blog so much. Glad to connect.


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