Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Marathoner in Me Craves Boston: Goals

Okay, I realize that Boston was so last month, however...
It's no secret, I LOVE the marathon and all that the distance entails.
Me at my happiest run, OKC 26.2

And if you're a marathon fanatic you probably dream of Boston too. It's a runner's Mecca. 
I more than likely could not afford a trip or race fee for Boston but just knowing I qualified with my time would totally rock. 
To qualify I must run a 3:35:00. Ouch.
Which means I have to run a 8:12min/mi for 26.2 miles. Whhhaaaat!? Yes. Can it be done? Of course it can. 

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Right know I'm training working towards kicking my 5k time's butt and score a PR. If I can do that, then I will sign up for my next marathon. That's the deal I have made with myself. Set goals, plan rewards, and accomplish mission. In theory anyway. According to a Runner's World race pace predictor calculator, I should be able to run a 22:25 (7:13 min/mi) 5k if I could run a 3:35:00 marathon. So my first goal is to get under 23:30 for the 5k round one, then hopefully train and get that 22:25. I have two chances this month to score a sub-23 5k race. My fastest road test is 24:04. That was nearly two years ago! I know many of you speedsters may scoff at this, but shoot, that's fast for me! I haven't worked on speed in a long time. Last two years I was busy with distance, not speed. According to one of our local coaches and race directors, he suggested focusing on the 5k first, knock that one out of the park, then continue up to 10k, half, then full. Which makes total sense, but I am so impatient and wanted to run a fast 26.2, like yesterday. I've ran all those distances, but never focused or trained solely on those except for the marathon. So for now I've just been doing strength training once a week, some kind of speed session, yoga, tempo run, and a long run. Currently I'm up to 11 miles for the long run. The last long run was pretty amazing too! Speaking of miles, how do you keep track of yours? Or do you? I like to use DailyMile. I'm completely lazy about writing and adding my miles so I like how this site calculates everything for me. It also helps to look back through training to see what worked and what didn't as far as shoes, food, drink, etc.

So. If I meet my 5k time far as 26.2 choices, I'm playing around with the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Savanna, Georgia. I'm considering this race because it's a little closer to home, timing and date is fair in that it's about three weeks post wedding...which is taper time so while I'm getting all married and stuff I won't be sweating over hard core training, one of our SMART Girls coaches is running it, and my fiancĂ© likes music so I figured he would enjoy this event with me. 

Follow me on my quest. 
First order of business? Conquer a fast 5k.
Let's rock n' roll yo. 

***So tell me, which marathons have the best courses for a stellar PR? Any marathons coming your way?***

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


  1. Hiya! You and I seem to be in the same boat in terms of pacing and racing! I don't have a hankerin' for Boston, but that of a huge PR coming October for the Chicago Marathon.

    I'm also lazy and use DM. ;) Adding you now!

    1. Yay! I look forward to keeping up with you! :-) here's to stellar PRs in our future!

  2. Ah Boston - a runner's dream!! I really like your approach! I ran the Wineglass marathon in NY state and it is known for a great boston qualifier. Great race and affordable!!

    1. Yes - it sure is the dream! So I DID accomplish my first goal of 5k under 23:30...23:12 this weekend's race!! On the way to accomplishing the bigger goal. :-) I'm im NC though so a trip to NY might be out of the question lol


Thanks for the love :~)