Monday, May 12, 2014

Tata Trot 5k Review--PR race!

Remember my last post about storms and breast cancer? Well, during this past Saturday's race it didn't rain. Started out cool and cloudy but the sun decided to peek out for a bit. Nice surprise! I know I've mentioned this race before, but I really do love this event so much. I mean, what other race could you hug the race director? She's a brave and strong woman and I'm blessed to know her. 
This year the event wasn't officially timed. However, they did have someone timing and writing down times and bib numbers.  Congrats to my sister for her PR and the fiancĂ© for his amazing PR race too. Woot! They both ran strong. 

Personal stats:
23:12 7:24 min/mile 
1st Female overall
According to the Garmin I ran 3.14 miles

Not sure of overall runner talley number. Cool thing about small town races, better chance of scoring at least an age range place, but here I was lucky enough to score first female! Definitely a cool feeling. I'm sure if I raced a 5k in a bigger city like New York I'd come out in 49,999 place. But hey, small towns rock!

Starts off downhill and makes three loops around the town. Running the same loop over and over is hard for me mentally. I prefer point to point courses. The downhill is nice and long but does finish uphill. Still makes for a great PR course! There were plenty of signs out to guide. I'm always afraid of getting lost in races. 

cool cotton tee, pencil, flyer, reusable shopping bag 

bananas, coffee, water, apples, granola bars, juice

Pisgah Dance Acedemy-Local dance group performed at the start of the race
Games, like cornhole 

Awards went out to top male and female runners. You get your pick of prize! 
They also had a raffle drawing at the end for those who stuck around. Fun stuff! 
Local company gift certificates, tee shirts, Mary Kay gift bags. We won a tank top, gun range cert, and Mary Kay foot scrub bag! Woot! 

Other funzies:
Cool tattoos thanks to Hair Mechanix

For more great pictures, check out:

Make plans to run or walk this next year! Find them on Facebook here:

All proceeds from this event benefit the American Cancer Society. There is strength in small numbers. But let's aim for higher numbers next year! Make plans to participate next year. If you set your mind to it, you can do anything. 
Thank you Chrissy Hale for another incredible run!

***Are you a small town or big city runner?***

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


Thanks for the love :~)