Friday, May 9, 2014

Storms & Breast Cancer: Run in the Rain

Forecast for tomorrow's race day: 60% thunderstorms. Awesome. Just freaking awesome. No one likes racing wet in lightening. 

Then again no one likes fighting breast cancer with chemo or pills. 
Losing time they could be enjoying everyday life. 
Or going out in public with no hair or no eyebrows. 
Or the sting of losing part of her womanhood. 

The list here goes on, but the message is short and simple. We must learn to run in the rain. Fight the good fight. And for those who cannot, we fight for them. 

Tomorrow when I run, I will run for those women (and men, I know men are not immune to this cancer). I vow never to complain of rain again. 

Because cancer doesn't stop for anyone. Rain will not stop me from a little run. 


Happy (& Blessed) Running.

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