Monday, May 19, 2014

#MotivationalMonday + CheriBundi Winner!

Happy Monday y'all! Runners World sent a good meme today in my e-mail inbox and I thought is was a good one to share.
Joe Henderson is also marathoner. I have this thing for marathons... 
I think this also goes along nicely with Sunday's post. Read yesterday's post and you'll see why.

Get out of your head and into the run. 

And the winner from my CheriBundi contest is...
Michelle B. from 

Do you ever find it challenging to get out of your own head? Do you trip you up?

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***


  1. *le sigh* I actually needed this today. I literally lost sleep over (very) random thoughts and fears last night. I didn't get up to run like I wanted, and now here I am, sipping coffee and blogging before I have to R-U-S-H to work. I feel better after reading this, and know that I need to organize my thoughts so they don't jumble up and TRIP me. :D

    1. I needed this too. Must of been in the air because I didn't sleep well either because of the same thing! Gah! Here's to a better nights sleep hopefully!

  2. I don't run yet ... other than sprinting and walking very fast... I have to get out of my head to make myself get out and exercise. It always feels better when I do ;-)

    1. It does feel better once it's done! We will get you running yet ;-)


Thanks for the love :~)