Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Miles Challenge For YOU!

Little D and me his caption? "Ah, not another picture for the blog!"


Some moms want a good book and a tea, I want a good 10 miler. Then, I'd like some tea please. 
From race #1 Reindeer Run 5k he looks so little here!
My son is probably one on my biggest fans in life. He cheers me on at every race, whether he is there or not. When I'm bummed, he reminds me how awesome I am (according to him). He tells me I'm the best mommy in the world, even when I know I'm breathing fire out of my nose dragon style. I'm truly, truly blessed with an amazing child. God has been good to me. I continue to mess up on a daily basis annnnnnd that's why we have this big thing called grace. I realize I have this tendency to compare or parallel the marathon to life often, but motherhood is also very relatable! It's a long, winding, and sometimes exhausting path. You find yourself overcome with joy one moment, then completely dehydrated and devastated the next. You rehydrate and carry on. You learn from previous mistakes and go for another round of miles. We often forget to care for ourselves in the midst of it all. Makes me think of my bloody foot after my 11 mile run, the whole time I didn't realize I was hurt. I was too busy getting the task at hand completed to realize it. Such as motherhood, family life, or marriage. At times we get so caught up in caring for everyone (or everything else i.e. dishes, laundry, bills, you name it) to realize we are hurting or tired...That's when the mommy explosions tend to occur. And buddy, let me tell you....They. Are. Not. PRETTY. 

So, today I want to challenge you from now until Sunday 11:59pm, May 11th (aka Mother's Day) to get in some Mother's Day miles for YOU! Take care of the one who takes care of everyone else. 
E-mail me HERE to let me know you want in and send me your miles, workouts, and time you've put in and I may just send you something special. :~)
Use hashtag #mothersdaymiles with your miles to let others know you're getting your thing on and spreading the love! 
For the mom with the most miles I might even send you something extra special, think PRIZE!! 
Prize: Mother's Day surprise goody package! Sent with love from yours truly!

Ready. Set. GO!

**What has been the most challenging thing for you in motherhood thus far? 
What snacks do you secretly sneak from your kiddos? Me, I used to swipe his fruit snacks..especially the cherry flavor.**
{{which by the way, I'm working on day 5 of the CheriBundi 7 day challenge. Stay tuned y'all. It's good stuff.}}

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!!***

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  1. Saw this too late, but I did get my miles in. Zoe and I joined the running group for 4 miles on saturday. It was perfect!!

    1. Aw yay! Good run for you and baby! You know, I think I just started this challenge out too late. Next year I'll start a week earlier. Always trying to improve the blog!


Thanks for the love :~)