Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Run on Cherries! CheriBundi **GIVEAWAY!!**

Disclaimer: ***Just so you know, I was given the goods at no charge pictured here from the awesome makers of CheriBundi to try and review on my blog. No additional compensation was provided.  All opinions and expressions are my own and honest thoughts about the product and it's claims.***
I'm just so glad I happened to love this product! A rockin', awesome review is so much more fun than a lousy "I guess you could use this" kinda review ... I've definitely become a cherry believer. 

CheriBundi Day 1
I did some research before posting my review because, anytime I want to share information or products with you I want to be sure I'm giving you all sound, intelligent, and safe information. 
Check out this site HERE for the scientific research on tart cherries and the benefits to muscle recovery. I was excited to read that it does indeed help according to studies, so it's not just all in the mind! 
HERE for a Trail Running Magazine article on juices and muscle recovery, including tart cherry juice.

So aside from all the research, this juice really is good stuff. Cherries are my favorite fruit. That's super news! Always like a product I can not only review but truly believe in. 
CheriBundi claims to alleviate sore muscles and aid in recovery.  And when CheriBundi contacted me to try them out, I jumped on the bandwagon! There just couldn't of been a better time. I am currently building weekly mileage (up to about 25 miles a week now) to help prep my body for marathon training, which begins June 20th, eeek! Insert happy dance here. {{tip: It's wise to have a good, solid mileage base before attempting marathon training. Or your body will feel beat up and/or become more susceptible to injury.}} And my body was starting to feel the pinch. Adding a new product to your diet before seriously training is also a good idea, just to explore how your body may react to the new product. You don't want to find out in the midst of a hard core training session that a certain food or drink doesn't mesh well with your body's system.  
The goods I tried included the tart cherry juice, relax juice (I slept my hardest after drinking this. Like a rock!), refresh green tea with cherry juice (one of my personal favorites), a refresh pomegranate cherry juice, and smoothie mix packets. So, so yum. All of it. 
They also offer a protein drink with whey protein mixed in. I didn't have that one on hand to try but I'm betting it's just as amazing as all the others. 
Look what came on my doorstep!

Post yoga chillaxin time.
So are the claims true and did it work for me? In a nutshell, yes.
The only con I saw:
Higher in (natural) sugar. Just cut back on other no good for you sugars. As with anything else, moderation
They do offer a a "lite" which contains Stevia. 

Tasty test:
It is advertised as a tart cherry juice. It may be, however, they add a little concentrated apple juice to make it sweet. My taste buds were pleased. 
Sound sleep:
Slept hard! Like, no joke. I drank it about an hour before bed because I read about it's melatonin like effect. I found this to be true. I had the fiancĂ© try it out too, he's my guinea pig of sorts, and he had one of the best night's sleep after trying it too. 
Natural pain killer and inflammation relief:
Next day post long run my legs weren't sore. At all. Usually they tend to be stiff. Way better than stuffing my body with chemicals found in OTC drugs. For once, I didn't take ibu after a long run.

Price and where to find:
You can find it on their online store, Kroger, whole food stores, Amazon
Buy direct from CheriBundi
Check out the CheriBundi Blog for more info
Depending on how much in bulk you buy it averages out to be about $2.50-3.00 per bottle. It's a bit pricey. But, still a much better choice than a $1.75 bottle of cancer, like diet sodas. 

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Because I like to share, I'm giving away two packets of the smoothie mix, coupons, pin, and a sticker for one lucky reader! I know, I know you all love me. Right?

I usually utilize Rafflecopter but for today's entry I'd just like you to do two or three things for me:

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***How do you recover from a hard day of training? Do you try all natural remedies or do you go for OTC drugs like ibuprofen?***

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***
ps-congrats to Jackie M. for participating and winning the #MothersDayMiles challenge! I'll get your prize in the mail asap!


  1. I use ice for my ice bath, compression, my "stick", and I've been putting cinnamon and tumeric on things. This looks great!

    1. I've still yet to try an ice bath! You're brave lol I do love cinnamon and use tumeric in recipes.

  2. I don't have any recovery methods right now, still having trouble finding my workout groove with two littles! But your blog def inspires me to get back at it!

    I already follow you on both FB & Twitter but will still go tweet the word out!!

    1. Working out with kiddos is tough! As they get older it seems to get a little easier...and since you already follow I'll add an entry for both! Thanks! You rock!

  3. I recover by drinking a large iced green tea,

    1. Oh yummy I love green tea! Great choice too for antioxidants!


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