Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#WisdomWednesday: Discipline. Yuck.

I'm just going to lay it out straight, I do not like discipline. At. All. Nope. 
I have a hard time with being 'wrong'. I hate being told 'no'. Especially when I have to tell myself no. 'No, Jessica. You do NOT need a 50th piece of chocolate.' And sometimes my own personal discipline lacks. 'Oh, I'll get around to it [laundry, dishes, writing out thank you cards, you name it] later.' ... Like 20 years later.

But supposedly it's [discipline] good for us. 
It refines us. Makes us better. What would happen if we were never disciplined? We wouldn't grow. We would become stagnant or even worse. It's so necessary to welcome discipline. 

So, what about self discipline? Are we able to push ourselves daily to complete needed tasks? 

"You have to learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable." ~ Lou Piniella

I know there's many days (including, like, right now) where I'm sitting on my butt when I should be studying, running, doing laundry...but blogging about discipline is more important than actually following thru. Right?! 
I kid. I kid. 
Well...I've disciplined myself to drink coffee every morning, religiously. Ha!
It takes serious discipline to achieve goals and dreams. When we look at elite athletes, folks with doctorates, coaches, star musicians, or any other 'great', or even the mom with a quiver full of kiddos, we see great accomplishments that come from...slacking off and sitting around. No. From daily discipline. Hard work. Persistence. 
It starts with small steps and then you press on daily. Over and over again. Even if your goal is not to become "a great", you should strive to be the greatest you, you can be. 

I want to BQ more than I want to be lazy 

One way we can practice self discipline is join in a challenge to help keep you motivated. 
Currently I'm participating in the Runners World run streak #RWRunStreak where I must run at least one mile daily. Do you think run streaking is good for your body? Thoughts?

YOUR TURN! Do you struggle with discipline? With being disciplined and/or keeping yourself disciplined? 
RQOTD: {{new feature! Random Question Of The Day. For those who may not relate to said post(s) :-)}}
What's one food you CAN NOT live without?
My answer? Peanut butter. I tried living without it for a while but it was death. 

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Monday, May 26, 2014

Motivational Monday: Fear Not. To Watch or Not to Watch?

I'll have the race review up tomorrow. But for today I'd like to leave you with some motivation:

"If you don't make mistakes, you're not trying hard enough." ~ Sam Walton

Agree or disagree? I agree. We can be so afraid of failure, we don't even try to push ourselves to our full potential. During the race last Saturday I would check my watch and think, "I'm running too fast. There's no way I can run that fast. I better slow down. I'll never make it." Fear. Maybe I should toss the watch on race day...

For a brief moment, I thought who the heck am I to try and qualify for such a race like Boston marathon? 

*Do you let fear ever stop you? How do you move past it? Do you race with or without a watch?*

As for Memorial Day..
I wonder if those who fought for our freedom and lost their lives feared before they moved into war? If they did, they pressed on and fought anyway. Because of this we are free to run. Remember and give thanks. 

***Happy (& blessed) running!!!***

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brevard Rotary WS 5k Race Report+Hill Running Tips

Brevard Rotary White Squirrel 5k/10k 

**Please forgive the format! This post was generated from the iPhone device. Blogging on the run!*

1st female

Overall Brevard Rotary, once again, did a great job hosting this race. They host a series of races including 4th of July race 5k/10k and Flight of the Vampire 5/10k. 
If you're looking a fun, scenic race come visit us. There's a good chance for an age range place too! Got to love small towns. 
Check out for race into. 

It should also be noted that all active military persons received free entry to this race. Rotary, you rock! Thanks for supporting those who fight for us!

Personal Stats:
22:32 7:16min/mile 
19th/209 total
1st female overall

Let me just say when I saw 22 on the clock my eyes got huge! Halfway through I honestly felt like I couldn't PR but I told myself, "You're not slacking, no way. Run hard! And just go. You think your running slower but you can run fast."

Perfect. Sunny, cool. 50s I believe. Started out low humidity. Most of the course ran through the shaded areas of neighborhoods, so the sun only beat on me once. 

Scenic and pretty. Started at the Brevard college gym, ran through local neighborhoods, past Franklin park. Rolling hills. The hills came about the middle of each mile so the last half of each mile was downhill or flatter. I felt like this was good placement. I read great advice on running hills this morning:

Lead with hips, stand tall when running uphill
"Lean and go" when running downhill.
I just repeated this mantra. Felt like it worked well. 
For a detailed article read Runners Connect:

A few turns. Felt like I nailed the tangents perfectly. 
A few locals cheered us on. 
Plenty of course direction with volunteers, spray painted arrows, and spray painted white squirrels on the road ... Only in Brevard. 

{{{Have I mentioned I LOVE Brevard?! Check out one of our local festivals. Post race, it's fun to mender around town!}}}

This was an officially timed course by Right on Time Productions 
Bib time chips 

A tee 
Toothbrush. Meh

Pre and post: bananas, orange slices, water, water bottles from PNC bank
Aid station half way through 

They had some really great prizes! As first overall female I received:
$20-25 gift cards to a local restraunt, jewelry store, ladies clothing store, a big box of peanuts, winery (what, what?!)
And of course a big, gold medal. I do it for the tee and medal. 

They did have a kids' Fun Run one mile
All kids who participated received a medal. Kudos Rotary for keeping it kid friendly! 

A few of SMART girls were there running. When I nabbed my medal they cheered super loud and were like "That's my coach!" The same girl who I ran with at the Legacy Run was there and scored a PR too. That made my day! Better than any medal. 

The fiancé scored a PR as well. Woot!
Think he's turning into a racer himself. 

And wait for it... 

And I was worried about those hills...

***Did you do any Memorial weekend racing or running? Do hills get you? Any awesome local races your way?***

Remember those who fought for us so we can run free...God bless. 

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!!***

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hinder. What Stops You From Pushing On?

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." (Hebrews 12:1 NIV)

I love this verse. But it wasn't until today during a morning devotional that I saw something new. It's easy for the encourager to motivate and inspire others when they are on the mountaintop.
"Yes! I kicked that 5ks tail and so can you. Let me show you how!"
"Love is beautiful and a blessing. You'll find it too!"
...and you catch my drift.
But what happens when the encourager has lost said courage? How can they press on with perseverance? What happens when their motivation is suddenly clouded and their mind becomes murky?

What entangles you?
Desire to be accepted.

The list is endless. However, we do not have to let those trials hinder us. They may give us reason to pause, but no reason to just give up.
Give your life a good long examination and be honest with yourself. What do you allow to hold you back? Then find a way to push through it.
I believe my calling in life is to lead a life of integrity and inspiration. To make my living by encouraging a healthy and full life. God has placed specific desires in my heart for a reason. Like He has also in you. And my heart is fullest when I am fulfilling that calling. Running is just one small part of it all. I want need others to see a bright light in me that doesn't come from me. It comes by the grace of God.

Find your calling and charge on ahead. Remember, it is okay to fail or to feel completely lost at times. We all hit rough patches, but what I want you to remember is this: You are priceless. Worth it. You are more than capable. And our God is AWESOME! And He will help you finish your race. 

What hinders you? How do you press through rough patches?

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!!***

Hebrews 12:1 Image source

Tempo Thursday: Tips & Tricks to Overcoming the Mental Barrier

*Note: This post was originally started last Thursday. Yesterday, it was actually sunny. :-)

This morning I was feeling beyond tired. It had stormed all night so I didn't sleep well; the cat was going crazy due to the thunder I suppose, and the kid woke up too. When my alarm went off I debated on not getting up and going to the gym. But I got up and went anyway...then beat myself up because my run felt too hard. Running doesn't always feel easy. Especially when you're working towards a goal and feeling particularly exhausted. And if I want to qualify for Boston I'm going to have to suck it up and get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Comfortable being tired.
Being sore. 
Overcoming failure.
Like in life. The road isn't always smooth. 
On the flip side I will need to get comfortable...
Being STRONG. 
Accomplished. Confident. Winning. 
Never beat yourself up for getting up and going. Even if it wasn't your best. You still got up. 

I think back two years ago when I began training for my first marathon (OBX NC) and how excited and terrified I was. 26.2 is no puddle jump y'all. But after all was said and done, I had done it. I set my goals, worked toward each one, and accomplished my mission. I also look back on just how far I've come speed and training wise. My 'tempo' pace back then is now my slow, long run pace. Pretty incredible. I'm still not the fastest or will every be the greatest runner, but I can be the greatest me. So when I even begin to think about if I can qualify for Boston I remember just how hard it felt two years ago to even run a marathon but I still did it. And I plan on rocking my little corner of world again.

So according to Run Less, Run Faster, from the experts at FIRST, this is what it looks like I need to be able to run in order to realistically train to qualify for Boston:

 Ouch. This will not be easy. But I want this more than I want to give up.

Tips (& Tricks): Overcoming the Mental Barriers

**Think of where you were one (or more) years (or even months, weeks, days) ago and where you stand today. And not just with running progress. Progress in who you have become. 
8:40 min/mile was like a "medium tempo" pace for me, now it's a long run pace. What seemed so difficult a year or two ago now feels easier and comfortable. But we can not get there unless we push ourselves daily.

**Surround yourself with a support system of people who love you.
My sister is awesome!! She's been there for nearly every little race I've done and both marathons. She's the one who's always believed in me. Keeps my son when I run long. She is my biggest cheerleader.
And this year she ran 5k #2 and PRed herself!! Can I get a woot woot for the sister?! You also need to be a support for others. Let it go round full circle.

**Talk to yourself. Not like out load crazy person talk, When the run gets tough mentally tell yourself to run. Simply put. Just run. Press on. Push hard.

**Smile. It tricks your body into thinking it feels good.

**Read motivational books, quotes, magazines.
I got a lot of mental boost and toughness from the book Mind Gym by Gary Mack 
My friend Michelle found this for me! It's one of the bests. A trained mind is just as important, if not more, as a trained body. (1 Timothy 4:8)

**Remember your life is not just a marathon. Be a friend. A spouse. A parent. Be whatever it is you are besides an athlete. Don't neglect the others in your life. Always show appreciation for those in your circle. 

Last Saturday I ran the Tata Trot and even scored a PR. But what I failed to mention was that after I finished I saw a young girl, about second grade age, who was grabbing a cup of water trying to finish her third and final lap. I offered to run with her if she liked, to help encourage her to finish. She smiled and said yes! What does this have to do with anything?
Her name I later found out was, Savanna
Do you remember where the next marathon I wanted to run? 
Savanna, GA. 
I took this as a sign. It 26.2 time, Rock n' Roll Savanna, Georgia style.
So... I officially registered! That's right! On November 8, 2014 I will be a Mrs. {{{yaaaay!!}}} and a BQ hopeful. I will start the training June 20th, that's about a month earlier than I normally would, but this way I have lots of wiggle room to get all married and honeymooned and fun stuff like that.
2014 might just be my favorite year yet.
Your turn! What are your running and/or racing goals? Do you struggle with the mental training part and how do you overcome the mental barriers?

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom: Marathons and Marriage

This post is going to be open and honest. It may cause some of you to think I'm a horrible and selfish human being. But if you read on you'll see my heart. I'm just hoping to share what I've learned and hopefully will help someone else in the process.
For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning (Bless your souls!) you know I had been a single parent for a number of years. As a single parent life teaches you a few lessons. Not all good ones either. 

You learn how to have thick skin.  
You learn to be your own source of strength. 
Your own boss. You are mother and father. 
You are the sole provider. 
You learn that people hurt you. Lie to you. 
So you learn to not trust easily. 
You call the shots. 
You learn to become fiercely independent. 
You don't need anybody. 
You become in a word, prideful. 

It's made me a stronger woman, yes,
but what happens when you fall in love and get engaged? 
Letting go of pain is hard. 
Letting go of...
Total Independence. 

It's not just you anymore. Learning to work together and live your life with someone else's needs before your own is tricky and won't come natural at first. My son's needs came natural. But this engaged thing this is different. It's wonderful, beautiful, exciting, surreal. 
But becoming engaged has been the hardest thing for me in the same token. I know, I know that sounds dumb. But it truly has! It's been the best and easiest thing ever but also the hardest thing. Make sense? I've learned an awful lot about myself in the process. 
When it's just you calling the shots for so many years it's hard to remember you're part of a team now. 
There's no I in team. My fiancé is not the enemy. 
What does this have to do with marathons? Everything. And nothing. 
Also, for those of you who have been following this blog for quite some time you know I LOVE the marathon. It's my favorite distance and I have a huge goal to qualify for Boston. 
When I became engaged I was afraid of "losing" myself and losing the person I had become and was afraid I could never run marathons again. {{Insert being overly dramatic here. *le sigh* and hangs head in shame.}}
But in reality, the only thing I'm "losing" is the ugly and lonely side of myself.

I've gained:

My partner in crime err life
My biggest support system 
A workout partner who teaches me new things 
A friend who always has my back
A confidant who isn't afraid to tell me like it is 
And a confidant to encourage me and remind it's ok to not be ok sometimes 
A date night hunk 
A hand to hold 
A prayer partner 
A teammate 
A running friend 
A lover through all our walks in life. 
And so much more...

I hope this makes some sense to someone. I could delve so much deeper into my thoughts, fears, and explanations, but I find this much is perfectly appropriate. 

And, he's promised me if I can and do BQ that we would go to Boston!

Who's cheering me on to BQ to hold him to his word?! And hold onto him?!

I promised him after Boston that I'd birth his babies. He said I'd better hurry and qualify then. Let's do this. ;-)

How does running impact your relationships? Do you run together? Do you have similar goals/hobbies?

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!!*** 

I love this guy. P's signature race pose...apperantly. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

#MotivationalMonday + CheriBundi Winner!

Happy Monday y'all! Runners World sent a good meme today in my e-mail inbox and I thought is was a good one to share.
Joe Henderson is also marathoner. I have this thing for marathons... 
I think this also goes along nicely with Sunday's post. Read yesterday's post and you'll see why.

Get out of your head and into the run. 

And the winner from my CheriBundi contest is...
Michelle B. from 

Do you ever find it challenging to get out of your own head? Do you trip you up?

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Friday, May 16, 2014

Feeling Free Friday + IH8 Alzheimer's 8k

What is up my friends? Listen, I had an amazing post all ready to go up for you guys yesterday, but it will have to wait for next Thursday :-/ I know, right? Hit a little speed bump so it's not quite ready. 
Here are five pics to entertain you. 

It's kind of hard to tell, but this is going to be a Dahlia flower by September! Remember the bulb I planted a while back? Well, we had some major frost and it died. Sad story. So I had to re-plant and here we have success! Yay! Might have a green thumb after all.

I'm the lion, baby. Roar. Can't remember where I found this meme but I saved it to share with you guys. 

This is me. Literally, right now. No joke. 

And my sister loves me. See what she gifted me?! I have a thing for coffee. And for being awesome. This mug is perfection. 

My son is tucked away in this picture somewhere. This was for jump rope for heart. He goes to an amazing school! 
What's up with the kid? Allergies and EOG tresting prep. I took him out of swim  for the month but hopefully he'll be ready for swim team over the summer. 

And.... one more picture. I know, I know that makes six, not five pics, but who was honestly counting?

This Sunday at 2:00 pm I'll be running this 8k with the fiancé. In his career field he comes across many people with Alzheimer's. So this one is close to his heart. I've never raced an 8k before. Or raced at 2 pm. Have you ever raced an afternoon event? I'm curious to see how I run. And how my tummy feels! I'm so used to running first thing in the morning on nearly E. 

***Ready for the weekend? Running any races?***

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Wednesday Encouragement. Just because.

A little encouragement for your Wednesday. Happy hump day!

"God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day." 
(Psalm 46:5 NIV)

We will get tired. Exhausted. Spent. Weary. Worried. Afraid. Consumed. 


Our God is greater. And if God is within you, you will not fall. Press on. Friday's coming before you know it! Or, if your workweeks are crazy like mine, Sunday is coming before we know it! Let's run the race set before us with so much joy people must think we are crazy! Good crazy! And joy is contagious so GO and spread it! 

Psssssst--don't forget to enter the CheriBundi GIVEAWAY! You have until this Sunday to enter. Who doesn't love something totally free?! Don't be greedy. Spread the word!

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Run on Cherries! CheriBundi **GIVEAWAY!!**

Disclaimer: ***Just so you know, I was given the goods at no charge pictured here from the awesome makers of CheriBundi to try and review on my blog. No additional compensation was provided.  All opinions and expressions are my own and honest thoughts about the product and it's claims.***
I'm just so glad I happened to love this product! A rockin', awesome review is so much more fun than a lousy "I guess you could use this" kinda review ... I've definitely become a cherry believer. 

CheriBundi Day 1
I did some research before posting my review because, anytime I want to share information or products with you I want to be sure I'm giving you all sound, intelligent, and safe information. 
Check out this site HERE for the scientific research on tart cherries and the benefits to muscle recovery. I was excited to read that it does indeed help according to studies, so it's not just all in the mind! 
HERE for a Trail Running Magazine article on juices and muscle recovery, including tart cherry juice.

So aside from all the research, this juice really is good stuff. Cherries are my favorite fruit. That's super news! Always like a product I can not only review but truly believe in. 
CheriBundi claims to alleviate sore muscles and aid in recovery.  And when CheriBundi contacted me to try them out, I jumped on the bandwagon! There just couldn't of been a better time. I am currently building weekly mileage (up to about 25 miles a week now) to help prep my body for marathon training, which begins June 20th, eeek! Insert happy dance here. {{tip: It's wise to have a good, solid mileage base before attempting marathon training. Or your body will feel beat up and/or become more susceptible to injury.}} And my body was starting to feel the pinch. Adding a new product to your diet before seriously training is also a good idea, just to explore how your body may react to the new product. You don't want to find out in the midst of a hard core training session that a certain food or drink doesn't mesh well with your body's system.  
The goods I tried included the tart cherry juice, relax juice (I slept my hardest after drinking this. Like a rock!), refresh green tea with cherry juice (one of my personal favorites), a refresh pomegranate cherry juice, and smoothie mix packets. So, so yum. All of it. 
They also offer a protein drink with whey protein mixed in. I didn't have that one on hand to try but I'm betting it's just as amazing as all the others. 
Look what came on my doorstep!

Post yoga chillaxin time.
So are the claims true and did it work for me? In a nutshell, yes.
The only con I saw:
Higher in (natural) sugar. Just cut back on other no good for you sugars. As with anything else, moderation
They do offer a a "lite" which contains Stevia. 

Tasty test:
It is advertised as a tart cherry juice. It may be, however, they add a little concentrated apple juice to make it sweet. My taste buds were pleased. 
Sound sleep:
Slept hard! Like, no joke. I drank it about an hour before bed because I read about it's melatonin like effect. I found this to be true. I had the fiancé try it out too, he's my guinea pig of sorts, and he had one of the best night's sleep after trying it too. 
Natural pain killer and inflammation relief:
Next day post long run my legs weren't sore. At all. Usually they tend to be stiff. Way better than stuffing my body with chemicals found in OTC drugs. For once, I didn't take ibu after a long run.

Price and where to find:
You can find it on their online store, Kroger, whole food stores, Amazon
Buy direct from CheriBundi
Check out the CheriBundi Blog for more info
Depending on how much in bulk you buy it averages out to be about $2.50-3.00 per bottle. It's a bit pricey. But, still a much better choice than a $1.75 bottle of cancer, like diet sodas. 

Find CheriBundi on the Social Scene:

Because I like to share, I'm giving away two packets of the smoothie mix, coupons, pin, and a sticker for one lucky reader! I know, I know you all love me. Right?

I usually utilize Rafflecopter but for today's entry I'd just like you to do two or three things for me:

1.) Leave me a comment about what products you currently use for muscle aid and recovery. 

2.) Like Flying Feet in Faith on Facebook HERE and let me know on your comment you did. 

3.) Follow me on Twitter HERE and tweet about the giveaway tagging both @cheribundi and @jessflyingfeet also let me know that in your comment below too!
You have until this Sunday, May 18th 11:59 pm to enter!
For each entry you complete I'll add your name to the pot the old fashioned way and draw your name out of a hat. Oooolllddd school cool. 

***How do you recover from a hard day of training? Do you try all natural remedies or do you go for OTC drugs like ibuprofen?***

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***
ps-congrats to Jackie M. for participating and winning the #MothersDayMiles challenge! I'll get your prize in the mail asap!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tata Trot 5k Review--PR race!

Remember my last post about storms and breast cancer? Well, during this past Saturday's race it didn't rain. Started out cool and cloudy but the sun decided to peek out for a bit. Nice surprise! I know I've mentioned this race before, but I really do love this event so much. I mean, what other race could you hug the race director? She's a brave and strong woman and I'm blessed to know her. 
This year the event wasn't officially timed. However, they did have someone timing and writing down times and bib numbers.  Congrats to my sister for her PR and the fiancé for his amazing PR race too. Woot! They both ran strong. 

Personal stats:
23:12 7:24 min/mile 
1st Female overall
According to the Garmin I ran 3.14 miles

Not sure of overall runner talley number. Cool thing about small town races, better chance of scoring at least an age range place, but here I was lucky enough to score first female! Definitely a cool feeling. I'm sure if I raced a 5k in a bigger city like New York I'd come out in 49,999 place. But hey, small towns rock!

Starts off downhill and makes three loops around the town. Running the same loop over and over is hard for me mentally. I prefer point to point courses. The downhill is nice and long but does finish uphill. Still makes for a great PR course! There were plenty of signs out to guide. I'm always afraid of getting lost in races. 

cool cotton tee, pencil, flyer, reusable shopping bag 

bananas, coffee, water, apples, granola bars, juice

Pisgah Dance Acedemy-Local dance group performed at the start of the race
Games, like cornhole 

Awards went out to top male and female runners. You get your pick of prize! 
They also had a raffle drawing at the end for those who stuck around. Fun stuff! 
Local company gift certificates, tee shirts, Mary Kay gift bags. We won a tank top, gun range cert, and Mary Kay foot scrub bag! Woot! 

Other funzies:
Cool tattoos thanks to Hair Mechanix

For more great pictures, check out:

Make plans to run or walk this next year! Find them on Facebook here:

All proceeds from this event benefit the American Cancer Society. There is strength in small numbers. But let's aim for higher numbers next year! Make plans to participate next year. If you set your mind to it, you can do anything. 
Thank you Chrissy Hale for another incredible run!

***Are you a small town or big city runner?***

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Friday, May 9, 2014

Storms & Breast Cancer: Run in the Rain

Forecast for tomorrow's race day: 60% thunderstorms. Awesome. Just freaking awesome. No one likes racing wet in lightening. 

Then again no one likes fighting breast cancer with chemo or pills. 
Losing time they could be enjoying everyday life. 
Or going out in public with no hair or no eyebrows. 
Or the sting of losing part of her womanhood. 

The list here goes on, but the message is short and simple. We must learn to run in the rain. Fight the good fight. And for those who cannot, we fight for them. 

Tomorrow when I run, I will run for those women (and men, I know men are not immune to this cancer). I vow never to complain of rain again. 

Because cancer doesn't stop for anyone. Rain will not stop me from a little run. 


Happy (& Blessed) Running.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Miles Challenge For YOU!

Little D and me his caption? "Ah, not another picture for the blog!"


Some moms want a good book and a tea, I want a good 10 miler. Then, I'd like some tea please. 
From race #1 Reindeer Run 5k he looks so little here!
My son is probably one on my biggest fans in life. He cheers me on at every race, whether he is there or not. When I'm bummed, he reminds me how awesome I am (according to him). He tells me I'm the best mommy in the world, even when I know I'm breathing fire out of my nose dragon style. I'm truly, truly blessed with an amazing child. God has been good to me. I continue to mess up on a daily basis annnnnnd that's why we have this big thing called grace. I realize I have this tendency to compare or parallel the marathon to life often, but motherhood is also very relatable! It's a long, winding, and sometimes exhausting path. You find yourself overcome with joy one moment, then completely dehydrated and devastated the next. You rehydrate and carry on. You learn from previous mistakes and go for another round of miles. We often forget to care for ourselves in the midst of it all. Makes me think of my bloody foot after my 11 mile run, the whole time I didn't realize I was hurt. I was too busy getting the task at hand completed to realize it. Such as motherhood, family life, or marriage. At times we get so caught up in caring for everyone (or everything else i.e. dishes, laundry, bills, you name it) to realize we are hurting or tired...That's when the mommy explosions tend to occur. And buddy, let me tell you....They. Are. Not. PRETTY. 

So, today I want to challenge you from now until Sunday 11:59pm, May 11th (aka Mother's Day) to get in some Mother's Day miles for YOU! Take care of the one who takes care of everyone else. 
E-mail me HERE to let me know you want in and send me your miles, workouts, and time you've put in and I may just send you something special. :~)
Use hashtag #mothersdaymiles with your miles to let others know you're getting your thing on and spreading the love! 
For the mom with the most miles I might even send you something extra special, think PRIZE!! 
Prize: Mother's Day surprise goody package! Sent with love from yours truly!

Ready. Set. GO!

**What has been the most challenging thing for you in motherhood thus far? 
What snacks do you secretly sneak from your kiddos? Me, I used to swipe his fruit snacks..especially the cherry flavor.**
{{which by the way, I'm working on day 5 of the CheriBundi 7 day challenge. Stay tuned y'all. It's good stuff.}}

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!!***

Ps- remember you can catch me on FB HERE and Twitter HERE to stay connected!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Marathoner in Me Craves Boston: Goals

Okay, I realize that Boston was so last month, however...
It's no secret, I LOVE the marathon and all that the distance entails.
Me at my happiest run, OKC 26.2

And if you're a marathon fanatic you probably dream of Boston too. It's a runner's Mecca. 
I more than likely could not afford a trip or race fee for Boston but just knowing I qualified with my time would totally rock. 
To qualify I must run a 3:35:00. Ouch.
Which means I have to run a 8:12min/mi for 26.2 miles. Whhhaaaat!? Yes. Can it be done? Of course it can. 

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Right know I'm training working towards kicking my 5k time's butt and score a PR. If I can do that, then I will sign up for my next marathon. That's the deal I have made with myself. Set goals, plan rewards, and accomplish mission. In theory anyway. According to a Runner's World race pace predictor calculator, I should be able to run a 22:25 (7:13 min/mi) 5k if I could run a 3:35:00 marathon. So my first goal is to get under 23:30 for the 5k round one, then hopefully train and get that 22:25. I have two chances this month to score a sub-23 5k race. My fastest road test is 24:04. That was nearly two years ago! I know many of you speedsters may scoff at this, but shoot, that's fast for me! I haven't worked on speed in a long time. Last two years I was busy with distance, not speed. According to one of our local coaches and race directors, he suggested focusing on the 5k first, knock that one out of the park, then continue up to 10k, half, then full. Which makes total sense, but I am so impatient and wanted to run a fast 26.2, like yesterday. I've ran all those distances, but never focused or trained solely on those except for the marathon. So for now I've just been doing strength training once a week, some kind of speed session, yoga, tempo run, and a long run. Currently I'm up to 11 miles for the long run. The last long run was pretty amazing too! Speaking of miles, how do you keep track of yours? Or do you? I like to use DailyMile. I'm completely lazy about writing and adding my miles so I like how this site calculates everything for me. It also helps to look back through training to see what worked and what didn't as far as shoes, food, drink, etc.

So. If I meet my 5k time far as 26.2 choices, I'm playing around with the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Savanna, Georgia. I'm considering this race because it's a little closer to home, timing and date is fair in that it's about three weeks post wedding...which is taper time so while I'm getting all married and stuff I won't be sweating over hard core training, one of our SMART Girls coaches is running it, and my fiancé likes music so I figured he would enjoy this event with me. 

Follow me on my quest. 
First order of business? Conquer a fast 5k.
Let's rock n' roll yo. 

***So tell me, which marathons have the best courses for a stellar PR? Any marathons coming your way?***

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!***

Monday, May 5, 2014

#MondayMotivation Say A Prayer & Just Do It

Thank you Nike for today's inspiration!

Especially don't forget the 'say a prayer' part. 
Last night I felt like The Lord wanted me to get on my knees and pray. I was already in bed, covers snuggled tightly, and finally cozy. 
"Get up."
But whhyyyyyy? I've already prayed and prayed but haven't seen any results or change. What is the point?
"Get up and pray."
So I did. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. 
We train, sweat, bleed, speed work, tempos, long runs, and press on in training without seeing instant results. To run a marathon well it takes about FOUR months of training. Two months into training you can't say, 'well I still can't run 20 miles, I quit.' Nonsense. 
We will see the light if we keep on, keeping on. 
No whining. No what's ifs. No buts...
And so it is with our personal lives. We pray and pray and still feel stuck. 
Pray anyway. The light will come. I promise. 
Don't give up. It's okay to lose heart once in a while. That's natural. We are all imperfect creatures. But please don't let that stop you. 

Keep on. 

***Happy (& Blessed) Running!'*** 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

TaTa Trot 5k Run For The Boobies

I can't believe I have neglected to mention this run next Saturday! I ran the TaTa Trot 5k race two years ago and PRed. It has a great course, running two and a half laps around the town Rosman, NC. Yes, it's that small, but there is a strength and sincere sense of community found within that town.  
They have prizes for top male and female finishers, raffle prizes if you stick around, water station, coffee and snacks, games, music, and tons of positive energy! It's about supporting a great cause (breast cancer), community, and each other. Last year I supported my sister in her first 5k and at the end when the breast cancer survivors were honored it was hard not to get a little misty eyed. Breast cancer has run in my family so it does hit a little close to home for my sister snd I...These women are an incredible show of strength!

Find their Facebook page here and give them a like! Plan to run it too, if not this year the next! 😄

Here's to a happy and blessed Sunday!

***Any races coming up your way? Why do you race? Any special causes you support?***

Happy (& Blessed) Running!!