Sunday, April 20, 2014

Running On Empty

It's no secret that today is the holiday Easter. I'm sure we will all hear about egg hunts, the 'Easter bunny', and so on and so on ( anyone else find it strange that a bunny hides chicken eggs?!). Some celebrate with chocolate bunnies and eggs, still others church dresses and bow ties, and then there's those who just don't even think anything of it.  I think on Easter daily; so to speak. 

There are many days I feel like I'm running on empty. Nothing left to give in the tank. Be it in mothering, working, running, or studying. But because of Jesus' empty tomb, God's sacrifice, I can boldly carry on in life. And when I feel as though I can't, He is there to carry me on. In the good and bad, the worn and weary times, and throughout the happy and blessed times.  

This verse reminds me that during their deepest and darkest times these people found a hope to run towards. It's as though they were racing to see the empty tomb. They were panicked at first, but at the end of the day they knew their Jesus was very much alive. And my God gave each of us that gift, if you'd receive it. The gift of hope, Grace, Peace (John 20:21), and of Salvation. 

So when you're running on empty, can't see the light of day, and feeling as though the world has betrayed you, rest assured there is a living hope. Run towards the One who can save the soul. Choose this day to live an abundant life, filled with faith, hope, joy, and love. 
Run the race set before you...and when you find yourself on E, you know where to fill up ...on the Holy Spirit. Better than any GU or sports drink! 

***Happy (& Blessed) Easter (& Running)!!***


  1. Happy Easter, and enjoy celebrating this fantastic day!

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    1. Thank you! God's gift is beautiful!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well.


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