Monday, April 7, 2014

Feeling FREE Friday except it's really Monday Edition 3 + Emergen-CGIVEAWAY!

I meant to get this post out this past Friday but last week and this weekend was a bit busy with the kid having a birthday! And we had a great weekend. So my sincere apologies for the delay.
So with this feeling free edition, I'm going to give something away for free!

What?! What?!

So Yeah. FREE. The freebie I'd like to send to one awesome blog reader is a variety pack of Emergen-C. I had read somewhere that drinking a packet before/after a run helps keep your electrolytes stocked up and of course pack your system full of vitamins and minerals. So I put the claims to the test and found it to be true and very helpful to myself.
I'd like to give someone else the awesome experience to fuel your runs/workouts like I've had with them! 

You can follow them on Twitter here: @emergenc and Facebook
So I have given y'all several options to enter for a chance to win a cool goody bag, a variety pack of Emergen-C just for you to try. You can "like" me (which shouldn't be too hard, haha) follow me, tweet about it, but you must comment below about how you fuel your runs and work outs. Entering is super easy, just click on an option below on Rafglecopter and get to it! Happy entering!! \

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Here's a little Monday Motivation for y'all. I know. I needed it today. It is a rainy, dreary kinda day here in western NC and I contemplated not running or working out today. {{gasp!}} 

I know right?! What was I thinking. Well the story is, I did get my workout in and feel so much better now that I did get my run in. I feel like I can actually conquer my laundry now. Funny how that works isn't it? Working hard helps get you more motivated to keep working hard.
The most challenging step is the first step. 

***How do you get motivated to get out when you really don't feel like it?***



  1. I have a very sensitive stomach and most of the time only drink water or gatorade and eat some sport beans. Gels make me gag :(

    1. How do the beans work for you ? That's one I havent tried! Gels work ok for me but usually only the ClifBar brand!!

  2. The gels work for me pretty good but I have to choke them down sometimes. I like the beans but I don't notice them helping at all

    1. Guess I'm not missing out on the beans huh? During my last marathon I only used Powerade and it worked really well. That's one reason I am digging the EmergenC because it's kinda like a sports drink but with tons of vitamins!


Thanks for the love :~)