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Does a Healthy Diet Really Cost More? Answer Inside.

***Disclosure: I am NOT a nutritionist, medical doctor, or certified in any way to advise you on your personal nutrition. This post is merely to enlighten you on the costs of healthy foods vs. unhealthy foods. Please see your primary doctor or nutritionist for further advice on creating a healthy meal plan for you.***

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"But eating healthy just costs too much!"
If I had a dime for every time I heard this phrase I'd be a millionaire by now.
At any rate, I've always begged to differ and found that excuse to be a lackadaisical way out of trying to be successful in finding fresh eats for themselves and their families.
So you want a snack? Bag of chips (often times filled with GMOs, bad carbs, saturated fats, and high calorie count. However, there are brands of chips without all that garbage like, Kettle Chips) vs one banana. 
Chips: about $0.99 for a "snack" size at your local grocery store or gas station.
Source: 18 Healthy Things a Banana Can Do For You
Banana: about $.54/lb on average usually equally about $0.34 per nanner. 
If you can do basic math that comes to about $0.65 savings. 
But I don't want a banana. Well then, that's on you.

HOWEVER, with this being said, I did come across an article in my Pharmacy Times magazine (I'm a CPhT so I'm nerdy or rather super, awesomely intelligent like that and actually like to do my research.) that says, according to a recent study in BMJ Open it amounts to about $1.48/more per day or $1.56 more per 2000 calories than unhealthy diets, with organic GMO free meats being the biggest expensive culprit. Good news for you vegans! The difference between unhealthy snacks and healthy snacks, such as soda pop, candies, fruits, vegetables and juices isn't as big of a difference.
Even a USDA study agrees, a healthy diet costs more. For an in-depth look at the study find it HERE.
And you'll find another article HERE from Live Science.

So all you who have said, healthy eating just costs too much, you would be correct. So how can we make nutrition rich diets more affordable? Well, I told you I had the answer to one but not the other. These studies have proved there is a need to bring down the costs of healthy foods so more Americans can enjoy a healthy diet. But in the mean time, we can all make small, smart choices starting by choosing a banana over a bag of chips.
Live Science also provides 12 Tips HERE for Eating Healthy On a Budget.

On a positive note, choosing to eat healthy has tremendous health benefits that could potentially offset the costs of medical care. For example, a vial of insulin for diabetes per month averages around $25 to over a $100, depending on insulin type. You could buy one banana each day for 30 days and only spend around $10.20 based on $0.34/banana. Bananas can raise blood sugar so if you're already diabetic please check with your doctor on that note. Now, I am not ignorant to the fact that choosing a banana a day would rid you of all diseases and unhealthy woes, but I'm just simply suggesting that making a conscious choice to eat well will benefit you in so many ways.
Add, gym memberships, races, workout clothes and you'll never be able to afford to live healthy. NOT true! I'm working on another segment of posts for that stuff...the world is your gym, for example, and I'll show you a few things on that note another week.

This short blog post was only to open your eyes, and even my own, to the high cost of healthy living. My personal blog post is not an in-depth study, but the above links are. I try to keep my posts short, uplifting, and informative when possible. So that's enough research and study for me for a week. Feel free to click on some of the above links and follow up on the research. I found the studies to be interesting and quite insightful. I can no longer say, healthy eating doesn't cost any more. The proof is in the pudding. So to speak. Ha!

***How do you manage the costs of healthy eating? Any Tips? Please share!***
***Happy & Blessed Running((&Eating!))***

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