Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Thursday Thought: Perseverance

I signed up for "Daily Kick In the Butt" emails from Runner's World some time back and every once in a while they send me a meme that really resonates within. 

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When I come across a quote that inspires me I like to research who said it and why. I like to know who I'm quoting. I used to just fling quotes around like you would burgers but I find it to be so important to understand them. Maybe it's because I'm a total nerd and a glutton for knowledge. Who knows. But try it sometime before you pass on a quote via social media. You might find the person you agree with to really be worthy of repeating or not. At the very least I find it interesting. Knowledge is power. I'm not saying that passing along a quote without knowledge of the said quoter is a horrible thing to do, I'm just suggesting that really knowing why it was said could deepen your understanding of the words said and potentially translate into your everyday life instead of saying to yourself, 'oh that's a nice thought. Maybe I should think more like that.'
Then again maybe I'm reading too much into it. 

And how did I know this one was from a marathon runner?? Marathoners tend to bond and agree with those who seek to get the best out of themselves and push their limits. This also translates beyond running and into everyday life. Marathon spirit is a lifestyle, not just a race. We must be patient in life when we can not see the "finish" line ahead. 

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***Happy & Blessed Running!!***

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