Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Day I Learned To Like the Color Purple.

For as long as I can remember I have disliked the color purple. I'm not sure why, but I've always carried a strong distaste for anything resembling the color purple. I've even been known to spout off, "that color wants to make me vomit!". I know, silly.
But then I took a spur of the moment beach vacation with my son. Sometimes all it takes is a different view, change of perspective, and/or a breath of fresh air.
I know, I know, in my last post I said we were being totally broke and boring during spring break. But I couldn't help myself and had to get away! Something inside me just screamed, GO. Have you ever had a "just-go" moment?

North Myrle Beach

Little man and I at the indoor pool!
So what the heck does the color purple and going to the beach have in common? Well after about three or four hours of driving (that's a lot of time to think...the kid was perfectly quiet with his mp3 player and books) we saw purple trees lining both sides of the road. Tons of purple! Purple vomit everywhere!!! These were the first trees I had seen with any flowers or color in them since fall. After a long, cold winter we still had yet to witness many trees with color or flowers in bloom. As minor as this may sound, after a long, dark, and cold winter, any sign of life in color was very welcomed. And it just happened to be purple. That day I began to see the color for what it is. God's creation. The MAJOR thing here is the learning lesson I gained; perspective. Sometimes it takes rough, dark, long trials in our lives before we can even begin to see the beauty in what surrounds us. I can no longer snub my nose at the color purple. [I'm sure this will make my mother pleased. :-)] Looking at the bigger picture here, I can now find myself at peace with this beautiful color. And likewise, find peace in other situations in my life. When we step back to witness life at a distance sometimes the colors change in our own eyes. It's been said that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We can take this a step further and see the beauty in our own selves.  Step back and look at yourself, or your life from a distance or in another context and see what is truly beautiful.

Photo source
On  lighter note, my NASM reading and studying is going well. It's obvious I have a TON to learn. I keep getting terms mixed up with other terms, ect. but I'm getting them right after much practice. One of the best ways to learn is by screwing up. Yes, I just said that. I find it to hold true. We learn by trial and error and often times we error and error and error. But when we do mess up, we are more likely to remember that mistake and not repeat!
Here's me at our local racquet club. I really enjoy the facility! So today after delving into NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training, I decide to give push-ups on a stability ball a shot. First attempt, I managed two. Second attempt? I about manage to fall flat on my face. Nice. Thankfully the club consists mostly of the older population, so no big competition to laugh at me. Often times, we never start projects or we hesitate on taking chances because we don't feel ready. I did NOT feel ready to try push-ups on that ball. But I did it a third time and managed to squeak out five. Maybe you don't have any issues with stability balls, maybe I have terrible form right now. Maybe I don't feel ready, but I am pushing on. (((ha ha get it? Pushing on? Like push-ups?? oye. I could have been a stand up comedian. Okay, maybe not, but you have to admit it was a little humorous, right?))) When does anyone ever feel really, ready for any challenge set before us? Okay, I said I would keep this on a lighter note. But I just feel compelled to let you know that it is OKAY to not feel ready. Feelings come and they go. But you must push through and try and try again. You just might surprise yourself in the end.

What doesn't challenge us doesn't change us.
**Have you ever experienced a new train of thinking or thought after many years of thinking one way? What have you done recently to challenge yourself?**
***Happy & Blessed Running!***

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