Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oskar Blues 4 Miler Recap! Plus a Reveal!

I ran this last year and absolutely loved it! Last year was the inaugural event and this year the race size about doubled in numbers. This race will most definitely become a huge hit. Last year's personal race time for me was right at 30 minutes for 4 miles and I stressed over my time like crazy.. But this year was different. I ran it with my fiancé and as his first "official" race I wanted to run with him. And I have to say, hands down, that this was the best run I've had ((except the OKC Marathon last year.. --That'll be a tough one to beat)).

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:" (Ecclesiastes 4:9 NIV)

Running with my favorite person in the world makes running more pleasurable. There's no pressure. Just enjoyment. 
We help each other along on the run and in life. As we all know running is one amazing metaphor for life...

We press on to win the race. And what could be better than having someone alongside you conquering the world together? This run made my heart happy. Racing isn't always about stress, pressure, and time. ((However, the 5k in May, the WhiteSquirrel Race, is mine! I'm so ready to test myself! Without any challenge life would remain stagnant.))

Okay, so as far as race logistics... 
I registered early and got a sweet Mizuno tee! We registered P the day of and since they had run out of tee shirts they only charged $15, which is pretty nice. Usually race day costs go up, even with no tee. The kid's fun run is always free and they give each kid a cool ribbon at the end.  
((The kid, D, finished his fun run in 9:02!))
One of the many great qualities of this event is that they keep it affordable and family friendly, so it appeals to many ages, backgrounds, and still to those who like to compete. The race does offer prizes and age range pottery mugs made from our local Mud Dabbers  Pottery. Very cool that they keep local businesses in the mix. 

The time: Race started at 11 which gave a nice chance to sleep in a bit. There was no horn, bell or whistle to let us know the race had started. It was a good thing we were paying attention to the folks in front of us because all of a sudden we were like, "oh, people are running now".  

The course: An out-and-back, all but flat, speedy course. There might be one slight incline halfway through but nothing to write home about. It's really a nice smooth course. It takes you out of Oskar Blues drive, onto the old Hendersonville highway briefly, then turns you under an old bridge, winds you through a small neighborhood and back. 

The food: Y'all know I take notice of food! They had fruits offered at the start of registry. Oranges, bananas. Then yummy, yummy pastries from Bracken Mountain Bakery post race. The waters were stationed away from the snacks which I found confusing. However, it doesn't take much to confuse me. ;-)
I think there may have been a food truck somewhere.. But I didn't partake of that funness so I can't tell ya what was good.

Crowd support: eh, not much no, but it is still a very new race. They did have ample EMS, firefighters, and officers in stand by. This is year number two, so I kind of expect that. There was a live band post race. We didn't stick around too long but they sounded alright. Would of been cool to have some music jamming before the race started so we could get pumped up.   

Swag bag: A pen, magnet and a few paper handouts from sponsors. But whatevs.. The tee was super cool! 

•Easy, fun course
• Family friendly ((just because it starts at a brewery doesn't mean there are drunk folks everywhere. They keep a clean atmosphere.))  
•Cool tee
•Excellent snacks  

Cons (rather, suggestions):
•Maybe a cool horn or something to let everyone know the race had started?
•Maybe some booty moving jams before race starts?

What I wished I had remembered to bring post race: 
•Face wash cloth or makeup remover. My face seriously broke out two days after sweating it out. Mmm. Yummy. 
•Powerade. They had water but my bod requires a little extra for replinishing. Yes, even after only 4 miles. We all know how quickly my bod dehydrates. Just refer back to my awesome 2012 4th of July run.. 

So check out for other cool races!

So to you my friends: 

**What races/runs have you ran recently? Any favorites? What is on your must have race day list?**

{{happy & blessed running!}}

P.S.~ so I might of mentioned something about pursuing something new in life on my Facebook page and that I would announce it on my blog today...<<what?! You don't like my Facebook page?! Well "like" it cause you're awesome. ;-)>> 

ok so the big news here:

I've decided to follow my passion and signed up for the NASM {National Academy of Sports Medicine} CPT {Certified Personal Trainer} course and I couldn't be any more excited! I'll also go after my nutrition cert, and hopefully also the womens and kids specialist cert. I'm a runner, lover of fitness/health/nutrition, and a motivator. So why not pursue what I'm passionate about? Let me tell you, it is never too late to follow your passions, dreams, ambitions, and goals!



  1. Yeah for going after your dreams!!! Wish you good luck with the CPT certification!!! Please let us know how it went, I'm considering getting certified as well.

    1. Thank you! I'm studying now and it has a ton of great info! Lots of common sense stuff in fancy terms. I will definitely keep you posted! Congrats again on baby'!! :-) have a super day!!


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