Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm Just.

A pic from my foggy run this morning. And by the end of my run the sun had come out... Just a nice metaphor for pushing through the dark times until the light shines through!

I'm just a mom.
I'm just a student. 
I'm just an employee. 
I'm just a starving artist. 
I'm just a slow runner. 
I'm just a walker. 
I'm just high-school educated. 
I'm just a drop out. 
I'm just a nobody...

Fill in your own "just":

I'm just______.

Then I want you to toss that idea of only being a "just" something because YOU ARE AN AWESOME SOMEBODY.
Regardless of where you came from or regardless of you past, family history, level of education, YOU still have the power to rock this world baby!
I'll give you the best example: Jesus. 
Did he receive his masters degree, obtain any awards or medals for anything? No, but He did learn from others as a child and He always had all he needed and always gave his love to the people. 
Now please don't misunderstand me, I do believe in formal education. It's a great and effective way to learn and grow yourself into a world of opportunities. I'm simply saying that just because you didn't receive it doesn't mean that you are any less than anyone, anywhere. And it also doesn't mean that you still can't go grab it with both hands. Inside of you God has given the gifts and talents you need to live an abundant life. Let's focus on those
So what are some steps you could take TODAY to set your future on fire? Running ignited the passion within me to seek out goals I've had and had  been too afraid to pursue. Doubt. Worry. What-if's. I'm just mentality. 
Running helped me see through all my "just" doubts and gave me the confidence to truly believe that I just might be able to rock the world or at least my little corner of the world. Every now and then the doubt tries to creep back in. But with each fear or doubt push it back with something positive. On your day wherever you are right now on this planet, do something positive for someone else or say something uplifting and watch it grow beyond yourself. We call this the ripple effect.

Some super, basic tips for rocking this world {or at least your corner of the world}:
  • Think BIG. 
  • But start small.
  • Envision goals, dreams, ambitions. Maybe start a journal. There is power in the written word. Something motivating about seeing it on paper. And don't even think twice about how lofty they may sound. 
  • Now, pen (or pencil) out the steps that might be required to reach that goal. Starting with the tiniest step, maybe in example, "Go to library and research books on topic." With each goal accomplished you will begin to have that accomplished feeling of 'I can do this'. With each small step conquered the next one will come near naturally and before you know it you will have reached your next goal.
  • Realize that you will probably fall flat on your face at times. Maybe many times. That is totally normal and ok. Take that time to re-evaluate where you are in your quest and learn from the mistake(s). Mistakes will most assuredly be made. But that shouldn't be a game stopper. 
  • Keep it fun. Don't sweat too long or hard over a stumbling block. Take a break when everything becomes a chore and not a passion. To get to where you're going you will need to complete certain "chores", however, the whole process should not feel as though it is one big chore.
  • And most importantly, never ever give up. Take a rest when needed, but don't lose heart or hope.
"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."  - Winston Churchill 
**happy & blessed running**

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