Thursday, February 6, 2014

Selfie! You're So Vain I Bet You Think This Post Is About You.

Hey, hey! Yes and this post is about me too.  So we are all a little vain, no?
Yesterday during SMART Girls we ran a few laps then headed inside to check out a few videos from the Dove self-esteem project. We often (especially woman) tend to criticize and down grade ourselves.  What kind of role-models are we to our kids, friends, family, everyday people when we do this? We teach people how to treat us so to speak.  Self image isn't about vanity. It's more to do with strength, spirit and confidence. 

Check out this video:

We also talked about taking an honest selfie. Not a posed or made up picture with dolling ourselves up, but a real selfie. Here's mine sans makeup:

What do you dislike or like about you?  My dislikes are easy, my big front teeth, huge forehead and pale skin...
I also realized just how difficult it is to break the negative self talk cycle. It seems so easy to pick out all my "flaws" but more of a challenge to find what's good and beautiful. Women especially tend to criticize and scrutinize all the little things. And 9 times out of 10 it's the little things that no one else notices! So let's be kind to ourselves because in doing so our kindness will reach out to others. Okay so I need you to hear this loud and clear because I know I needed to:
You are gorgeous darling (or sir if you happen to be of the male persuasion reading this)!!
An important factor to note:
When we are critical of ourselves we tend to be critical of others. Which in turn is not healthy for you or your relationships. 
You see where I'm going? Having a healthy, positive self image isn't about vanity. If we don't treat ourselves right we won't treat others right. It starts with you. Be an encourager. Be the beautiful, positive, kind, encouraging you that you are!


So I have an official tee now!  Can't wait to sport this bright yellow April 26th for the Inheritance of Hope 5k! This will be the girls' first race. Makes me happy to see my race calendar filling up finally!

**Oh gosh and PS I almost neglected to announce my BIGGEST announcement! You may have noticed the small changes in the About Me section and title to my blog... This single momma is no longer honey and I got engaged this past October! Big changes this year.  Just as soon as I got confident with the whole single parenting and running thing, now I get to learn about juggling family and running! I'm looking forward to a new chapter and adventure in my life.**




Thanks for the love :~)