Friday, February 7, 2014

Feeling Free Friday

I thought about posting something heavy duty for the soul, but I decided to keep things light-hearted around here today. 
I think I shall declare Fridays "free days" where I post something light-hearted, silly or way off running topic. I doubt I can get away from running much.. Yeah that last one was just a joke. 
Oh rest assure I've got some good "meat" coming up soon. I'm working on a good post that requires some deeper thought. For me this could be dangerous! ;-)
Soooo as you all may be aware next Friday is the big V-day or as the singlely minded friends may refer to as SAD (singles awareness day). Be it with or without a romantically involved beau surely most of us have someone they love. So y'all have seven days to get your "will-u-b-mine"s together!
What I want to know is how you plan on celebrating (or anti-celebrate) this sweet (sour) day?
**Give me your best ideas, recipes, crafts, poems or whatever.  I'm just curious! {or it could also be that I am SO clueless as what to get/make for the boys in my life and need ideas stat!!}**

This is for the love in my life... 

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How about races? Are there any sweet races your way? I'm not aware of any in our area here. Maybe I'll run 14 miles or something special like that.  
Ha. Since I totally haven't run a ten miler since two or three months ago... 

That's all I have today. 


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