Sunday, December 2, 2012

Treadmill Hibernation In the Spirit of Christmas

Warning: this was all typed up from my phone so there may be misspelled words. *gasp*

So it looks as though I won't be running on the treadmill much for the next 23 days. Which means my runs will be few and far in between. But sacrifices must be made for the kid and the spirit of Christmas. Our home is so tiny we had no other space for the treadmill or tree. So there it is. In their seperate corners with their lights.  If I were to run on the treadmill I'm pretty sure that all the ornaments, including our angel (we can not have a fallen angel!) would come toppling down.  Siiigghhh....the treadmill has been such a lifesaver as a single momma...

Oh and the Reindeer Run went well. I was just excited to be there and running! A whole different experience. I beat my course time so that was cool. Previous was 27:07 and this run was 24:31.  (7th female/173 and 38th overall/278). But I must point out there were many youngsters there from Girls On the Run and some other kids. They started at the front and sprinted out then about a mile in I almost ran over a few. I felt awful!  I remember only dreaming about getting under 25 minutes last year so this was a pretty good feeling! I also remember last year struggling to finish up that hill but this year I was able to sprint up to the finish. That was awesome!  I like the challenge of the course. It's always such a great event.  But yet I find myself still not satisfied with my time...never good enough! Geez. And I'm guessing this break from the treadmill isn't going to help any. Oh well. Life needs balance. January though IT IS ON!!!! My training plan for the OKC Marathon starts as soon as the kid goes back to school after Christmas break!  And so does the desperate savings of monies...

**So how are you running this season?**


  1. Great time Jessica!! You should be proud! Why are we the hardest on ourselves?? Too bad about the treadmill maybe you can get outside for some runs. I am a super dummy and am right in the middle of my marathon training. As I have said before, I am a SAHM EXCEPT during the holidays, when I work for a Santa, booking appts. photos and assisting him:( My busiest days are Saturday and Sunday:( I love having some Christmas money (race fees) but the timing is horrible! Makes me want to hurry and rush to get the holidays over with and I hate that:(

  2. Wow, 3 minutes faster is a HUGE improvement!!! You should be very proud of yourself! For me, I'm always super excited and proud for other people to PR, but feel similar to you when it comes to my own finish times. It feels never good enough. Or I feel I could have done better, if... That's the reason I decided not to focus on a finish time next year and start running more trail runs. I want to enjoy my runs and experience the runner's high. There is no better way than running in a beautiful environment.


Thanks for the love :~)