Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Gear for 2013!

Anybody else get SO stinkin' excited about the New Year?!  I absolutely love the new year. Almost as much as I love Christmas. I like the fresh start. The sense of renewal and new chances for new adventures. A clean slate! Really each day could be seen as that. With each new sunrise it is a new day! But there's something fresh about a whole new year.
I'm not even sure where to start! I must have about one-hundred goals and resolutions for this upcoming new year. But in reflection, 2012 was amazing!  I remember thinking I wanted to run a marathon by 2013 or 2014...well I met that goal in 2012! So many awesome things like that and scoring PRs and age division awards. I met all of my goals and logged over 1200 miles this year. And on a personal note I became the most content I've ever been. Content as a single parent and woman.
My son has also had an incredible year! He ran his first Fun Run in February, swam like a champ over the summer, read chapter books like they were going out of style and has completely wowed me in so many ways.
Work life has been crazy but that's why maintaining a positive attitude while on the job is one of my 2013 resolutions!
My big focus as far as running goes is the OKC Marathon in April and the inaugural Asheville Citizen-Times marathon in September. Running OBX in November would be awesome again but like I've mentioned in the past, financially I can only, barely, swing one good trip.
I also must admit, I want to be faster. I daydream about running Boston more than any normal human being should. Even though given my past marathon speed I have my work cut out for me!  That may take another year or two or three...but that's why we keep on keeping on!

So since I like lists and I need to organize this a bit,

2013 Goals:

Have a DAILY devotional time with the kid (was way too off and on last year with this)
Run at least two fun runs with the kid
Organize our closets...yay fun.
Put our swim/run, all things active scrapbook together (I have all the pieces sitting in a pile needing to be put together!)
Limit tv/movie time and add extra board games or crafts
Food prep and cook more. <--this one scares me the most!

Maintain a positive attitude and breathe!
To not participate it any gossip whether it be true or false. Talking bad about people is just wrong. Period. We are to speak life and encouragement!
Be more grateful daily for a job.
Read more CEs. Like actually read them. To actually learn. Not skim them and answer questions as needed.

Count my fruits and veggies daily! There were many days this past year where I only ate like ZERO real whole foods.
Practice Yoga/Pilates at least two times each week (I was way too lazy on this last year...)
Drink drink drink my water! I cut our diet soda during the last phase of my marathon training, but snuck a few after. This year I want to cut it out totally! I feel so much better without it.
Read 10 books this year. 10 whole books. I don't read much and I feel this should change. Maybe I will pick some good running reads. I'd like to read The Long Run by Matt Long. I've read so many awesome things about this book. Reading inspires, enriches and grows the mind. My poor brain could use some of that. Ha!

To run OKC and see my family!
A sub-4:00 marathon!  I will have two chances!
Get a 5k under 24 minutes
Get as many fun runs in with the kid
Keep running happy and strong!

And I have so many more goals, I know I do but I will keep this list for your boring reading pleasure short and sweet!

So you see my pretty little picture? I scored a Fuel Belt for $15! Have you been to Marshalls?? I strongly suggest you check it out. There was only one Fuel Belt. Ladies size small. Perfect for me! I tried it on in the store and ran around with it on. (Because I'm cool like that) Stayed put and didn't bounce. And those bright colors should get me going!  There's something about bold colors that make me feel like a rock star. Note the bright colored socks as well!  I'm excited about having some new gear for this upcoming marathon training cycle!

**So what are your biggest 2013 goals??**

Happy (&Blessed) Running!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful year! Contests on hitting your marathon goal! I love Marshall's, too. I can find the best running stuff there sometimes. On to 2013!

  2. Great goals for 2013!! I read the Long Run and really liked the book, very inspiring!

  3. Congrats on a great 2012. You have some excellent running goals for 2013, and I'm sure you will accomplish them! As for books, I just started reading Run Less. Run Faster. I'm excited to dig deeper into it, as I've heard some great things about it. Good luck with your training this year! xo

  4. I've found some great running clothes at Marshall's, too. That's a great fuel belt price. Have fun training for the OKC marathon!


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