Monday, November 19, 2012

So What's Next? OKC 26.2!

I have fallen crazy in love with the marathon distance race. In the beginning I told myself I just wanted to run one just to see if I could do it. Now? I want to run another...just to see if I can run it faster. I have become what some might call obsessed. And I am totally ok with that. It's much better than being obsessed with drugs, alcohol, boys (bad ones especially. So over that.), cigs or any other bad habits I could have. Running has been one of the best things to happen to me. Next to my son and the gift of Jesus Christ in my life.  It has kept me focused, goal-oriented and driven in more ways than just running.
I will start back at it slowly with a local race here in town, the 5k Reindeer Run that helps support our Brevard Center for Women. It marks one year of my racing!  I still remember being terrified at the start. Then need to figure out monies (or lack thereof) what I can and can not do next year.
But one thing I'm really excited about is the OKC Memorial Marathon. I just so happen to have family out in the good OK and am way overdue for a visit anyway. It will be a long drive but so worth it to get some much needed family time in.  I also really like the meaning behind this marathon. "It's not about running, it's about living." ~ their phrase on their website. And even deeper behind this meaning is the fact that I was living in Oklahoma at the time of the bombing of that building as a kid in school. We all felt the school shake. Turned on the tv and there was chaos. My mother was on her way to that building that day for business, but God intervened that day and she had to turn around for something she forgot I believe. The windows in her business's building were blown out. It was a terrible day and a gut wrenching feeling.  So this run will serve more than one purpose for me. In honor of all those lives lost, in honor of my mother who lived and in honor of my home state. Oklahoma. I have missed you. We will reunite soon.

**So...what's next for you?**

Happy (&Blessed) Running!


  1. Wow Jessica! That OK marathon will be so special! I can still remember watching the news coverage and hurting so for the people of OK. A great race for sure!
    I know you are busy with the holidays and work and your boy and running but when you have a moment could you write more about how you fueled for the marathon and training. I have such a bad stomach and I'm trying to get ideas for my full training. Did you eat during the race? I'm wondering if the chews will be enough. I did a 20 mile run last week (it was a 25/50k we added on for training) I snacked on some dry pretzels at one station and did ok..kinda hard to carry during a race though. Also, did you wear a fuel belt? Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Libby, that is an excellent idea!! I've been kinda stumped for new blog post ideas but that's a perfect idea! Yes! I will definitely work on that!! Thank you :-)


Thanks for the love :~)