Monday, October 15, 2012

4 Weeks Till OBX 26.2!

Only FOUR weeks left!!!
Here I am on the last intense training week of the marathon training then I'm on to the home stretch of the taper (yay after this week will be done with 20 mile long runs!)...I'm getting so excited, nervous, excited, terrified, thrilled, antsy, excited .... have I mentioned excited?? Ha! This has been my "baby" so to speak. I've given almost all of my life over to this training process.  And I'm sure driven every one else around me completely mad.  I signed up for this race 8 months ago and Nov 11th will be the ninth month and birth!  See my little fortune I opened months ago...hopefull it bears truth!

Coincidence this race is next to the ocean?? I think not.
A few things I will be striving for during the next 27 days will be good diet.  No more garbage in.  This will be the hardest part of all my training I believe.  No more diet soda.  No more cookies or cakes or refined sugars... Someone help me.  But I want to be in the best shape inside and out for this baby.  Rest will be a priority.  Bed before 11:00 pm.  Before 10:00 pm would be even better.  I need to get in one more 20 miler this week and truly hoping maybe a 22 miler.  My plan only calls for 20 max but how in the world will I be prepped for 26.2?  Anyone have thoughts on this?? 
Last week I did a 5k speed test and found myself to be much faster than a few months ago.  This made me very happy.  I recognized that my speed sessions were starting to become a little too manageable.  Don't mistake me for easy, but rather that I just kept feeling like I could push myself a little harder.  So by testing my 5k time I had a new set of times to go by for my speed, tempo and long runs.  This is going to sound nuts but since I've made progress, it gets me excited about thinking about my next marathon already...and that maybe,  just maybe, I could qualify for Boston...I know, I know let's see if I can just cross the first marathon finish line with a smile and not be dead!  ha.  I dream big.  And sometimes get carried away before I'm capable.  But dreams and goals are what keep us motivated I believe.
I just want to have a moment of silence in honor of all those poor soles in my life who have had to deal with me the past 3 months...I will be even crazier this last month! God bless of all your sweet soles...

Is it too early to pack??

**Any tips on the last few weeks during marathon training??**

Happy (& Blessed) Running!!!


  1. I have never run longer than 14 miles so I can't help you with your marathon...except for support and prayer!! I think you have a great plan, rest and sleep and your diet are very important! You have trained well and you know that you can run it!! I am so excitied for you!

  2. My plan only called for one 20 mile run, but the other girls I'm running with, who have done one marathon before, convinced me to do 22 miles as the last long run before taper. I was really nervous about getting hurt and the increase from 19 to 22 for me....but I did it and i am so glad i did. I feel confident that because I didn't hit the wall running 22, that I'll be fine for the actual marathon and I'm also more confident that i can push out another 4 miles the day of the actual race.

    1. I was supposed to have my 20+ miler this week...head cold killed me. Only made it to 12. Barely at that. So I'm going to try for another run today. Maybe 10. I know it's not the 22 at one shot, but given my snotty circumstances maybe it will just have to do. Every split a long run up?

  3. You will be ready once you survive the famous taper! Here are a few thoughts on "are 20 miles enough"? I think, it is! Here are the reasons why:

    - the week you ran 20 miles you ran on tired legs, the race will be after a taper phase and therefore will be able to keep you moving longer since they are fresh and recovered.
    - endorphins during the race will carry you on for the remaining miles
    - the reason why you don't go all the way to 26.2 miles in training is to save energy for the big day!

    You will do great! Now is time to train mentally and believe in your self!!!

    1. Excellent thoughts! Thank YOU! Three week count down is almost on!


Thanks for the love :~)