Friday, September 7, 2012

MT Week 9 SUCK. And McDs FAIL!

Okay running peeps, so I am normally totally optimistic about things but I am also a firm believer in being real

Here's little ol me excited to try out the CamelBak and get a good long run in...blindly optimistic.

And for real, this week has just been one sucky run after another.  With the exception of my speed training session on Monday...which is so weird because speed is usually more difficult for me.  And today was the epitome of suck.. The weather did not cooperate with me.  First 10ish miles or so it was foggy and humid.  After that Mr. Golden sun came out and burned me up.  Now I love me some sunshine but not today.  It was a lose-lose situation.   And don't even get me started on McDonald's...they just lost my business today.  (Not that I went there often anyways, so nasty.) Okay so I decided on my CamelBak today and to give it a try.  It did well, didn't bounce as much as I thought it would and didn't chaff anything.  Better than carrying a water bottle but I could definitely tell I had a little extra weight on me.  It only holds 1.5 L but I thought it'd be better than the water bottle.  I was so wrong.  So I made a pit stop at any water fountain I could find.  Which was only two.  And if you haven't learned this about me yet, I sweat... A LOT!  I require more fluid than the average runner I swear.  So anyway, I'm rabbit trailing here....our bike path runs behind McD's so I thought I would pop in and beg for a cup of water.  I was getting low on my supplies....and dangggggit it was getting hot and still had 6 miles to go....I get in there and this is what what down:

ME: "Hello ma'am (as I'm huffing and puffing and obviously spent) do you think I could grab just a plain cup of water?"
MEAN MCDs Lady: "That will be 27 CENTS."
ME: "I am so sorry but I didn't bring any change on my run.  Just a small cup of water?"
MEAN MCDs Lady: "Sorry, but that will be 27 CENTS."
ME: "REALLY????  But it's so hot out there and I'm running low on's really just so hot!"
MEAN MCDs Lady: "Sorry.  No water then."

Now I do not have a potty mouth but WHAT THE !@#$%^&*
It is truly a sad day when a runner can not get a simple cup of water.  Especially over $0.27.  Now I am not a cheapskate I would have willingly paid my $0.27 but as it were at that moment I didn't have anything.  Next time I go for a run, I will be sure to keep some change...But McDs won't be getting it!

Gah. It was so muggy and nasty. After mile 12 I wanted to quit. But I couldn't.  My truck was still 6 miles kept going and just prayed I didn't pass out die.  I had three gels over the course but I don't think it was quite enough. Took it very, very slow.  Took two walk breaks.  I just wanted to stop.  So.  So.  BAD.  My last 20 miler was way more awesome than this crap.  Weather was cooler, I had more gels, I didn't have to walk hardly at all...This week has been crap. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP.  (How many times have I typed crap now?) Ever have a week where you don't hit any of your time/distance goals??  
Nasty nasty!  This picture does not do my sweat any justice.
NOW, for the good news...The run started off so nice, really quite pleasant! I decided in the first mile to show you all a bit of our beautiful Pisgah Forest running trail.  One of many!  I spent a good few miles on the trails today.  The OBX Marathon as I understand has about three miles of trail...So I try to add trail in often. 

Art Loeb is one of the easier trails, unless of course you choose the challenging course of Art Loeb!

The first bridge you cross.  Love this bridge.

Didn't take any more pictures because I was ready to get my run on!  Next time...

Okay, your turn...any crap runs or weeks lately???

Happy (&Blessed) Running! <---hopefully next week. :-)


  1. Bless you for your determination and sticking to it...A run is nothing more than a step, repeated until you get where you want to...I am proud and want you to know that I support you each and every step of your journey...and I can and do relate to the flowing of moisture...lots and lots of it and all over too...But fluid IS your friend...And it took me quite a while to get used to the camel bak too..Three cheers for you!!

  2. On long runs I carry a couple of dollars in a sandwich sized ziplock. (I buy running shorts with pockets.) No one wants to be handed sweaty cash! A couple of times I've bonked but bought a drink and walked it off. In a few minutes I was back to running.

  3. I think carrying a few bucks might be a good idea afterall! Yeah I find I tend to bonk when I'm dehydrated. Hydration is so important!


Thanks for the love :~)