Saturday, September 8, 2012

DuPont 50k Relay!!

Trail racing newbie look...ME!
What have I gotten myself into?  A 50k relay to be precise.  Not just 50k, but a trail 50k! A friend from high school recently asked if I would step in for her sister's place to run a relay with her due to the sister not being able to run it with her.  So we would each do roughly a 15 mile leg.  I'm a little hesitant and way nervous.  It's one thing to run 15.5 miles on the road and another on the trails!  But I'm also thinking that since I didn't get to register for the half in Asheville this will be kinda like doing a half...except longer...and more challenging!

My concerns:

  • Being the klutz  that I am I fear I will twist my ankle
  • I'm a gps retard and afraid I will get lost on the trail.
  • I'm afraid I will disappoint with a slow time...I'm not so speedy on the trails.
  • What if I can't find my partner on the day of the race or during the trade off?
  • What do I wear to a trail run?!
  • What do I bring?
  • I fear I will  be dead last.
  • Or just be dead.

 So here's some info on the race:

Course description HERE

DuPont is pretty awesome from what I've heard and it was also the filming ground for the Hunger Games (which I didn't care for the movie but whatever).
Just check out these photos!  My mental game plan here is to just run it easy and enjoy the run as a long run and take in the scenery.
I fear I will be last...but at least I can get some good sight seeing in.
   I did find a Runner's World article with some sound advice
And 17 Tips HERE I found useful (and humorous) BUT, 
***Has anyone ever done a 50k relay or similar? Or participated in a trail run?
I am requesting tips and thoughts PLEASE!!!!!!***


  1. Never done a 50k trail race or relay. I heard trail races are much more laid back and you get way more food! Did you check out the elevation? The pictures are beautiful!

  2. umm yes, elavation looks fun.. ha! We are hitting the trail this Saturday for an upclose look! Hoping for some more pictures and a good idea of what I will be facing.


Thanks for the love :~)