Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Few *Exciting* Things for Thursday!

**What I'm reading: To Be A Runner by: Martin Dugard
When I've finished I'll provide more thoughts on this book, but so far I can say, it has me excited about running and reminding me why I love to run!  He writes with humor and honesty.  Enjoying it thus far! ~> Check him and his book out HERE!

**Where I'm at in training:  um, week 9? Or is it 10?? I think it's 10. Yeah...ha! And I'm supposed to have a 20 miler this week. But guess which girl is working six million days in a row this week?? THIS GIRL! So maybe a shorter, long run on 'ol Treddy this week sometime. {I don't know about you, but the long runs have been the biggest challenge for me to squeeze YOU think it's okay to not have a super, long run each week?  Like every other week??}

**What I'm trying: CLIFBar's new energy gel. This is from the makers of Clifbar-->

"CLIF SHOT® is a great-tasting sports nutrition line for performance athletes that delivers essential energy and hydration, plus fast muscle recovery using organic and nutritious ingredients. CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel is the only leading energy gel made with organic ingredients and only the essential nutrients that athletes need for performance. Less is more. The carbohydrates and electrolytes in CLIF SHOT Energy Gel provide a fast acting energy source in performance friendly packaging. CLIF SHOT Energy Gel is available in eight delicious flavors that performance athletes love. The SRP for CLIF SHOT Energy Gel is $1.29 per packet."

{{{Review and giveaway soon!  I promise. Stay tuned in!}}}

**What I'm thinking: I'm nuts! And can't wait to redeem my 10k time October 27th!

**Where I'm featured: Fit For Moms blog!  I'm honored and thrilled that I was asked for a interview. How cool is that?  And FFM blog offers SO much for the busy momma!  Fitness, food, advice and a place just for mommas to share stories!
See my interview HERE!
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**What I'm grateful for: My mom. She sends me motivational posters like this one here often!

So there's a short bit for your Thursday!

***What's going on in your neck of the woods?  Anything exciting?***

Happy (&Blessed) Running!


  1. Long runs are my favorite run. I don't work on Saturday and Sunday and therefore the time is not a problem. On weekdays, that's when I struggle. Working 8 hours and then commuting for 1.5 hours one way, make it really tough for me to go for a run. Hope you will get a chance to run your 20 miler soon. Good luck!

    1. Commuting 1.5 hours ONE way??? ewww. No fun! Was going for a 20 today...but again I have to run when I can and had to get the tempo in yesterday so made my long run hard today! only 18...grr. But I still have another speedwork session and a 10 miler trail run planned with a friend on Sat so I think it's okay... I think. ha!


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