Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday: Do It All With Heart

One of the tips I gave yesterday suggested running with your heart and to remember WHY you run.  And in reading my verse from a devotional I was reading I got to thinking... When you work, run, parent, date or do anything in life for a reason higher than yourself, things seem to have greater meaning.  Certainly we can say well running is something I do for ME.  So what happens when the "me" gets burned out?  Bored with routine?  Exhausted from general life?  That's when you must dig way deep down inside and ask, why am I even doing all this?  What's the purpose of it all? 
My personal belief is that every step I make is to have purpose. To honor God and to LOVE on people.  The running I do is a gift that shouldn't be overlooked as that, a gift. To have a strong heart and body is a privilege. I do work hard for it yes, but this  little 'ol body could go kaput on me any day. A car wreck could take a limb off.  A sudden illness could put me out for weeks, months, years or life.  You never know.  So when that happens, what do you have left?  Do you still have that heart that loves?  Or will people see a bitter soul?   The reason I say all this is to remind you to run for something more.  With each run or workout, even if you don't pray or believe in the good Lord, practice being GRATEFUL and do everything with heart.  Find your motivation and determination in loving others.  This big  world is much bigger than you and I.  But if we practice loving and living with all that we are in our small corners of the world then maybe, just maybe we could make a big differece!
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters"

This verse helps me get through runs and work with more heart, remembering that all I do should be for the Lord. :-)

***Happy (&Blessed) Running!***

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