Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Accountability!

What's harder than starting an exercise program, running plan or healthy lifestyle?? Sticking with it!!! Like any habit it takes TIME to MAKE it a habit.
A few, quick tips to help keep you accountable and excited about your workout plans:

*Accountability partner. Probably one of the best ideas. What better way to get and stay in shape than to do so with a friend. 
Make a running date! Or coffee break to get together and discuss progress (or lack of haha) and motivate each other.

*Keep a journal. I love my runner's journal.  Journal your success and failures and plans to overcome. 

*Keep a list of goals to check off.  Make them specific. And then create a plan to get it done.  I have a list I can check off and keep track of how my weeks/months go.  Nothing quite as satisfying as checking off accomplished goals!

*Sign up for an online "community" like DailyMile
It keeps track of all my miles and workouts. Even tells me how many doughnuts I've burned off...now if that isn't appealing enough!  Plus you get to meet people from all walks and levels of life.  Share advice and tips.

*If you have a smartphone download the Free app Endomondo
Tracks you live with GPS and there's also an online community to join. It will track your runs and generate cool stuff like maps, elevation ect.  I used that one all the time before I purchased my Garmin.  It is an excellent and pretty accurate app.

Oh this post is short and sweet today!  I'm so sorry but work has been CRAZY busy and my poor home...it is suffering undesirable consequences from my lack of upkeep.  It needs help.  Lots of help. Any cleaning fairies wanna join in the party??

What keeps you accountable?

I will have a review coming up shortly for the BeachBody program with before/after pictures of amazing women I know!   I cannot wait to put that one together!  I've heard AWESOME things about all their programs.

Happy (&blessed) Running!


  1. You motivate my exercise routine and your excitement and passon for your running is catching!! :)

    1. :~) Woohoo!! And check you out getting your biking on!!

  2. I love this post...

    I used to be very impulsive and would start new things off at the drop of a hat.
    But - guess what - Even though I was great at starting, I wasn't too strong on finishing. And that is where it has got to be for sure!

    And I agree that having an accountability partner is one of the best ideas for "keeping at it"

    If we don't tell anyone what we intend to do it is so easy to stop and give up, but when you are letting your partner down, as well, then that puts a different complexion on things.

    It is strange, isn't it, because really, we should be more concerned about not letting ourselves down!

    Yep, it is habit that keeps you going (just seen your poster about Motivation and Habit).

    I hope you managed to get lots of cleaning fairies to help out!

    1. Dave, I was the same way! Great starter...terrible follow througher. Lol! But these tips have kept me going strong. Glad you liked this post! And sadly, I was the only cleaning fairy on duty. :)


Thanks for the love :~)