Sunday, August 19, 2012

Them Bones, Them Bones...Them Lazy Bones

I have rated this Post PW for Primarily Women.  Consider yourself warned. :-)
Oh this week. Shame, shame on me. Nothing but three runs and 100 push-ups. Where were my two days of 30 minute cross-training sessions? Nowhere to be found. They got lost in lazy land along with my good diet. I've eaten garbage with a hint of healthy here and there. I'm talking stuff like half a pizza, 3/4 a pint of ice-cream, cookies, strawberry shortcake...all in one lousy week!  I'd like to blame all this on womanhood. And I think today I will. However, I DO know of ways to avoid overeating and undertraining even during this difficult week..

Things like:

• When craving junk food at night, make a cup of hot tea! (Really works!  If you do it...)
• When feeling über lazy, just tell yourself only 5 minutes of a workout. 9 times out of 10 you will continue to go on with a full blown workout. Because you realize how awesome you feel.
• STOP at ONE piece of pizza and couple that with a fresh mixed greens/spinach salad with light dressing.  Always eat the salad first. Veggies fill you up.
• Under no circumstance should you eat straight out of a pint of ice-cream.  Dish a serving out in a bowl and place the rest back in the freezer.  (Did I do this last night??  Absolutely not. I was terrible.)
• When feeling all yuck (ladies, you KNOW what I mean!), try some light yoga to ease it up. My favorite is child's pose. Ha! Even if you feel like you just can't get your workout on, a short yoga session will help ease the yuck up and maybe even get you in the groove for a good workout. 
**Check out Self's Yoga HERE**
**Yoga Journal has a wealth of INFO on yoga/womanhood HERE**
**Prevention's YOGA HERE**

Did I take ANY of my advice this week?  No.  But will I be better prepared for the next go round?  YES!

***So what gets you going through the rough patches of your month?***

~Happpy (&Blessed) Running!~

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  1. I had a similar week last week. I just told myself yesterday, enough is enough. No looking back and I just try to do better this week. I feel less guilty and also started to work out again. Well and shopping therapy helps too :) I got a nice running shirt :)


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