Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Little Good Luck Buddy

I just had to share this today!
Look who I had in my pocket while I ran today!  I believe it was good luck :~)

Transformers Bumblebee's head
I had caught my son carrying it on our walk to school today so I made him hand over the loot and shoved it in my pocket.  And today I had a strong run from start to finish!  I'm not so sure he will be getting Mr Bumblebee's head back...

What "good luck" charms or little things do you carry with you on a run??

Happy (&Blessed) Running!


  1. I wear lucky socks on races, they look like clown socks! :)

    1. That's fun! I wish I had fun socks. Haven't come across any yet. Any recommendations??


Thanks for the love :~)