Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Mile Time!

David has been working on his mile time!  We are getting pumped up for his second Fun Run September 1st during Hendersonville's Apple Fest!
*So far he has taken off one minute and twenty seconds off his mile time!*  His time to beat from February's Frostbite fun run is 13:50. I have every confidence in him that he CAN!  I think swim team over the summer has tremendously helped his cardio system.

I also think getting him started with Run With Jess's Virtual Games has gotten him excited about running!  Seriously check her blog out!  She is so much fun!  For the past three days this week he has been begging to run a mile on the treadmill.  We did just half a mile outside today. Very hot and humid!  But overall he got in 3.75 miles this week!  How awesome is that?? My son logged some miles AND enjoyed it and I did not force him to!  I promise!  Can I get a GO DAVID!!

Happy (&blessed) Running!

(*so sorry all the pictures are jumbled at the bottom!  I don't have access to a real computer today lol so its all done from the if there are misspelled words I apologize for that too. ;-)*)

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