Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview With The Beastette of CrossFit

Running is not for everyone.  What?!
Let me introduce you to my sister, The Beast Beastette.  She's hard core.  Back in the day in high school she was a sprinter in track. Out sprint, out lift me anyday. (She still does.) Then she found herself pregnant her junior year of high school. Life changed. Fast. As any mother knows from the moment of conception your life is no longer your own. And as it happens, your personal health is often left on the back burner. She was also diagnosed with PSOC  (Polycystic ovary syndrome is when the woman's hormones are out of balance) which makes losing weight very difficult. As the years went on so did they weight and lack of confidence.
But life does not stop there.  Here is a woman who found a way to keep truckin through.  Not just surviving through but thriving.  Living life the way it was meant to lived, to the fullest.  I hope her journey encourages YOU!
Here she is with her daughter, at Easter

Her and I before the Tata Trot in May
And then there was CrossFit. It brought her back to life.  I have always been proud to be her sister because of her honest, unselfish, caring nature.  She's always been faithful and true. And now more than ever I am proud to call her my sister and friend. She has been to every single one of my races always on stand by for support and moral.  Not to mention getting up super early to help with hair and nails before race time!  Has my Kid while I run.  She's just always there.

Feeling confident now!

Here I asked her a few questions about it all: 

FFIF(Flying Feet in Faith): When did you start?

TBJM(The Beastette Jackie Morrison): January 26th 2012

FFIF: What inspired to you to start?

TBJM: I started because Aaron (best friend of all time and father to her beautiful girl) encouraged me. Plus I wanted to try something to lose weight. Having pcos makes it really hard to lose weight. I had tried walking and eventually running with Jenny, my friend, but I wasn't getting anywhere. Thought a trainer might help.

FFIF: What do you like most about CrossFit?

TBJM: I love how I feel most of the time when I am done. I especially love lifting weight. I remember when we did front squats  for the first time John asked if I had lifted weights before. I said no, he said I had good form. He told me usually he doesn't allow people just starting out to add weight but he let me. :)

FFIF: Have you ever had a bad moment or feelings of giving up?  And how did you manage to get motivated and keep going?

TBJM: The worst day of Crossfit was when I had a full blown asthma attack at crossfit. It was sooo embarrassing. I was crying, sweating, red as a tomato and gasping for air. Everyone surrounded me out of concern but it embarrassed me having them all there like that. Being big and trying to work out and that happen just made me feel bigger. It took a lot but I returned trying to put it behind me. It scares me sometimes to this day of that happening so sometimes I don't work as hard as I could. But I still workout pretty hard.

FFIF: Have you gained anything besides weight loss success?

TBJM: I have always loved sports and working out.  This allows me to workout and be competitive.  I found something that it is cool to not be a dainty girl. Always felt out of place being big and so strong. Now I fit in.  :))

Here she is before CrossFit today! Check that smile out!

For more information on PCOS visit:

For more information about CrossFit:

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  *She has an excellent post on CF terms and what it's all about. Plus she's just got an awesome Blog!

**I don't know too much about CrossFit, but I do know that several people have had tremendous success with it and there is never a dull or boring workout!  Also, your workouts are scaled to YOUR level.  So no need to worry about not being able to do it.  I would encourage everyone to give it a shot.  Check out the links above and read up on it!**

Happy (&blessed) Running (CrossFitting)!

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