Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday: Do It All With Heart

One of the tips I gave yesterday suggested running with your heart and to remember WHY you run.  And in reading my verse from a devotional I was reading I got to thinking... When you work, run, parent, date or do anything in life for a reason higher than yourself, things seem to have greater meaning.  Certainly we can say well running is something I do for ME.  So what happens when the "me" gets burned out?  Bored with routine?  Exhausted from general life?  That's when you must dig way deep down inside and ask, why am I even doing all this?  What's the purpose of it all? 
My personal belief is that every step I make is to have purpose. To honor God and to LOVE on people.  The running I do is a gift that shouldn't be overlooked as that, a gift. To have a strong heart and body is a privilege. I do work hard for it yes, but this  little 'ol body could go kaput on me any day. A car wreck could take a limb off.  A sudden illness could put me out for weeks, months, years or life.  You never know.  So when that happens, what do you have left?  Do you still have that heart that loves?  Or will people see a bitter soul?   The reason I say all this is to remind you to run for something more.  With each run or workout, even if you don't pray or believe in the good Lord, practice being GRATEFUL and do everything with heart.  Find your motivation and determination in loving others.  This big  world is much bigger than you and I.  But if we practice loving and living with all that we are in our small corners of the world then maybe, just maybe we could make a big differece!
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters"

This verse helps me get through runs and work with more heart, remembering that all I do should be for the Lord. :-)

***Happy (&Blessed) Running!***

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Balancing Work and LD Running

Work (W•E•R•K): nasty 4 letter word we all need to support our running adventures and general life. 

I was inspired for this post this morning by Wild Things Run Free's post on working on your feet all day and training for a long distance event.

Question is, how do you deal, manage long distance event training while on your feet at work all day?

It can be tiring and time consuming!  Especially if you add kid(s), managing a household (sometimes all on your own) and other family/friends events in the mix.  Let me tell ya, some days after running and working my poor feet and ankles look like misshapen watermelons!

A few things that have helped me get through it all and manage a happy, well-balanced (well...almost!) ;~) life:

*Try to remember there's always someone who has it my friend oversees fighting for our country. He has to run in high heat, high altitude all while carrying 50+(give or take...can't remember the exact number but I know it sure is heck more than what we carry!  Unless you're preggo...then that's a whole other story) pounds on his back while fighting for YOU!  It kind of puts things in perspective. Especially when we have the option to hit the treadmill in the a/c and aren't running from bombs or guns pointed at us.

*Make time to give your tooties some lovin. I like to scrub my feet with peppermint foot scrub.  And usually just give them a quick scrub down while taking my shower after my long runs.Very refreshing. 
     •Informative bit on feet and foot care

*S-t-r-e-t-c-h it all out!  Everyday, give yourself at least 5-10 minutes to stretch your bodacious body out and massage your legs and feet.  A few yoga poses will help. Your body will thank you.
     •Sneak in stretches at work if possible. While I'm standing at the computer I'll grab my ankle and pull my leg up behind me for a quick stretch. Get creative.  Every little bit helps!

*Consider investing in some good compression socks.

*Wear the right shoe not only on the run, but also at work.  A great shoe can make all the difference!  If you're local to Western NC, check out Asheville Foot Rx. They can give you a good fit!  Or just look up a specialty running store in your area.

*Do the legs up the wall stretch.  Sit your bottom as close to the wall as possible and prop your legs directly up the wall and drain that lactic acid baby!
      •Here's an excellent post on stretching for the LD runner from Livestrong

*REST!  Do not overlook it. "But I don't have time to rest". Yes you do. Turn off the tv, cell, whatever other distraction and rest it up. Lock yourself in the bathroom away from kid(s) if you must. But get it in.  Think bubble bath..if I had a tub. Pssht.

*Make time for family and friends.  And talk about THEIR lives. Not running. It's good for the soul.  It will refresh you and remind you what life is truly about.

*If you get a lunch break take advantage of it. Sometimes I like to eat in my car and prop my feet up on the dash. Its a mini refresher.

*EAT, DRINK & be merry!  Stay fueled to keep strong!  BUT if you have a job like mine, no eating or drinking on the job, you gotta get sneaky. I like to stuff quick bites in my pockets. Think almonds, raisins, fruit snacks, etc... and use your potty break also as a snack breakaway!  Except DO NOT eat while on the pot. That's just gross...

*Manage your time wisely and know when to cut back.  Easier said than done I know, I know but I don't think I could stress this point enough.  Sometimes I have a 7 day straight workweek and during those weeks I do cut back on mileage some. And that is totally OKAY!  I know I can always get it on next week when I have more days off. 

*Give yourself some wiggle room.  When I started my Marathon Training plan I gave myself two extra weeks of wiggle room. Which has been a tremendous help!  I'm currently on week 8 of training and have decided to repeat one of the easier weeks due to a hecktic work week and school starting up with the kid.  Didn't build in extra weeks?  That's fine. If you need to back off, do it. For your body's sake.  Your body will eventually adapt to the stresses and become even stronger as long as you stay in tune with your body.

*Remember to BREATHE!  Seriously, that's one excercise you can handle while on the job. When stressin, get breathin! <~that's totally a word. I just said so.

*Don't forget what you're training for!  Give it all the heart you've got.

"When your legs get tired, run with your heart." ~ someone really wise.

On another note:  So where have I been all weekend?  Enjoying life!  Thanks to a new running friend I had the privelage of checking out Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC!  It is a neat place.  That city is perfect for the busy runner.  Tons of hidden gems and good food!  Sounds like my dream.  Except it's hot. Really hot. Check out SRT HERE!

***DISCLAIMER:  Please remember these are tips and website links that have worked for me but may or may not for you.  Always seek your own doctor or personal trainer before starting anything new.***

Anyways, hope some of these tips and links provide useful!

Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First 20 Miler and I'm Feeling...

20 miles! Yay! Now I'm pooped...let's take a nap.

ALIVE!!!  Blessed!  Grateful! 

Finally, an amazing run. My spirits are up and excitement for the marathon is steaming hot.  I needed this run. The good Lord, 5 gels, roughly 75 oz of liquid and sheer determination pulled me through.  I've never felt so amazed after a run. One of those moments where you ask yourself, "Did I really just do that?!"  I decided to take it by 5's...5,10,15,20.  For some reason 4 sets of 5 miles seemed much more doable than 20.  Maybe it's the mental game. But it worked!  I ran the first 10 very conservatively and two miles on the trail were pretty slow but the last 6 miles or so I tried to speed up a tiny bit.  Last mile was the fastest. Felt good about that because I really worked hard to pace myself better. Usually I'm trying too hard in the beginning and burn out too quickly.  So this time I took it easy and finished STRONG!! This weather has been a huge advantage too.  Cooler and cloudy skies. But the last 5 or so miles Mr. Golden sun decided to shine down on me. And whoa nelly was I disgusting!  I mean I was some kinda stink!
As usual I used the Cliff Bar Energy Gels, 3 mochas and 2 raspberry flavored and had to refill the water bottle 3 times!  Thank God for the Lowes along the bike path and the town's water fountains or I may not have made it.  I ran it all the way through with the exception of the water refill pit stop and a brief walk up courthouse hill...but I mean c'mon that hill is ridiculous!  My thoughts were, run up this and die or walk half of it and finish the run alive.  I did try a fuel belt of sorts (from Walmart. It was only $7 and now I see why...) but it kept knocking me in the back so I just threw it off in the beginning (later returned the useless thing) and went with the 'ol water bottle and refilled as needed.  Still debating about using it during the marathon... as I read the event's details it looks like there will be plenty of aid stations.  Any experience or thoughts on that?
And thus far I have no pains or aches!  Especially compared to the last long run...
Anyway, there were lots of runners, walkers and bikers out today so that helped the time pass.  I always like to take an ear bud out and greet those I'm passing (or those who pass me). The two greetings that really stood out today were:

1.) Two older women who were power walking, I mean buddy they were getting it on!  Took me forever to catch up to them.  So when I finally passed them I greeted them with, "you ladies are about walking faster than I can run!"  I turned around to smile and they high-fived each other.  Priceless!!

2.) A couple with a toddler in the stroller greeting me "good morning" in the cutest little voice.
Now that makes 20 miles worth the journey.

Now I get to go eat the house.  And nap.  :~)
Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Training Plans

Choosing the right training plan can be a large factor in success or failure of a race.  And depending on length of race you're committing to 8-16 (sometimes 20! Eek!) weeks of your life to it.  Having a training plan helps in so many ways.  I personally like knowing what I have to do to achieve my goal(s) and a good plan can lay that all out for you.

Be sure to choose one that:

  • Will fit your life's schedule (Do you work full-time? Have kid(s) to tend to?)
  • Is on your current level of fitness (Too fast, too soon can spell out a nasty injury)
  • Suits your personality. (Are you more laid back and go with the flow? Or prefer a more ridged schedule?)
I chose Run Less, Run Faster because it's 3 concentrated runs and 2 days of XT a week which fits my busy (and unpredictable at times) work schedule.  And it has very specific times and paces which I enjoy. I like having something detailed so I know exactly what to do.  I don't flounder around very well and won't end up with good results if I just went with the flow.

Run Less, Run Faster

Here I am, on week seven, following RLRF's 16 week marathon plan and all is well thus far (knock on wood and say a prayer) except one tiny, little thing ... I miss running for just for the sake of running!  I like having a schedule of sorts but sometimes I just want to break loose!  So today I "cheated" on my plan and ran 3 miles just for fun.  I'm hoping this won't hinder the rest of my week's plan.  Especially the 20 miler I am supposed to hit tomorrow... we shall see... Last time I tried to hit 20 I only made it to 16.  But two weeks ago I did manage 18!  Barely.  But hey, it was done!  I am seriously questioning my desire to run a marathon...after this ruckus I may go back to 5ks!  :~) 

**What training plans do you follow? And do you ever find yourself wanting to break loose? **

Happy (&Blessed) Running!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Them Bones, Them Bones...Them Lazy Bones

I have rated this Post PW for Primarily Women.  Consider yourself warned. :-)
Oh this week. Shame, shame on me. Nothing but three runs and 100 push-ups. Where were my two days of 30 minute cross-training sessions? Nowhere to be found. They got lost in lazy land along with my good diet. I've eaten garbage with a hint of healthy here and there. I'm talking stuff like half a pizza, 3/4 a pint of ice-cream, cookies, strawberry shortcake...all in one lousy week!  I'd like to blame all this on womanhood. And I think today I will. However, I DO know of ways to avoid overeating and undertraining even during this difficult week..

Things like:

• When craving junk food at night, make a cup of hot tea! (Really works!  If you do it...)
• When feeling über lazy, just tell yourself only 5 minutes of a workout. 9 times out of 10 you will continue to go on with a full blown workout. Because you realize how awesome you feel.
• STOP at ONE piece of pizza and couple that with a fresh mixed greens/spinach salad with light dressing.  Always eat the salad first. Veggies fill you up.
• Under no circumstance should you eat straight out of a pint of ice-cream.  Dish a serving out in a bowl and place the rest back in the freezer.  (Did I do this last night??  Absolutely not. I was terrible.)
• When feeling all yuck (ladies, you KNOW what I mean!), try some light yoga to ease it up. My favorite is child's pose. Ha! Even if you feel like you just can't get your workout on, a short yoga session will help ease the yuck up and maybe even get you in the groove for a good workout. 
**Check out Self's Yoga HERE**
**Yoga Journal has a wealth of INFO on yoga/womanhood HERE**
**Prevention's YOGA HERE**

Did I take ANY of my advice this week?  No.  But will I be better prepared for the next go round?  YES!

***So what gets you going through the rough patches of your month?***

~Happpy (&Blessed) Running!~

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who Am I To Ask For More?

We all want things. And we are never satisfied. The more we aquire and/or accomplish the more we desire it seems. I came to this thought this morning because I allowed myself to become so upset about not being able to afford the half-marathon...I have a child to feed, a home and car to maintain.   That takes top priority. And racing can be expensive!  The race fee, the gas to get there, the shoes (oh how I adore new shoes...if I could afford any).
How in the world do you people race so much (and in cute outfits) and afford it all?!  And be so kind to let me in on the secret. ;) much thanks.
BUT, the meaning of this post is contentment. I began running and racing because I fell in love with the whole process.  It's fun, gives me confidence and it's like a mini reward everytime I cross a finish line from all my hard work and dedication. (Well except for one race...)  I should be content that I had the racing experience a few times. But why is that not good enough?
1.) I haven't gotten an official Half or Full marathon finishers medal yet
2.) I've only placed one time in my age group (being a small local race...but hey, I will take it!)
3.) I've only bought 2 pairs of running shoes
4.) I have yet to enjoy a larger scale event
5.) I like to race and meet new people
6.) I'm young and have a lot of life in me ready to GO
7.) I like the free food after (except since I paid a fee I guess it isn't really free...)
8.) The sense of hard work and reward is an amazing feeling
9.) It keeps me focused
10.) It's better than chasing bad boys <~~~ for REAL

And I'm sure there's more to my list I just can't think of currently...

Wanting more is like chasing the wind. You chase and chase but never catch...meaningless (Ecclesiastes 6:9).
However, I don't think wanting is always so bad. God knows the desires of our hearts.  He created us for passionate lives. And I'm passionate about my child, life and running!  So where there's a will there's a way. Even if it's not my way RIGHT NOW, I know that He will provide in due time. If we wait patiently (ugh. Seriously, I know, I am NOT a fan of that phrase either.) The timing will be perfect.
So I need to breathe, chill out for a second (minute, hour, day, week...), and know that He is God. What I need is always provided.

You know, I do really struggle with it though. I REALLY wanted to race that half in Asheville so bad.  I might have to start making my own races...ha! 
My mom sent me this picture via text (thanks mom!) the other day and you know, it has meaning proud that I get up and run today.  Can't afford a race?  That doesn't stop me from running.  I need to learn contentment and to be proud of the fact that I get up and GO no matter what. Be proud of where I am TODAY!   I'm not who I was yesterday. Only better (and a little faster).

**Please tell me there's another "poor" runner out there that has struggled with this as well?  And how do you deal?  Are you content to only race a number of times?  How many races do you get in a year?**

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Little Good Luck Buddy

I just had to share this today!
Look who I had in my pocket while I ran today!  I believe it was good luck :~)

Transformers Bumblebee's head
I had caught my son carrying it on our walk to school today so I made him hand over the loot and shoved it in my pocket.  And today I had a strong run from start to finish!  I'm not so sure he will be getting Mr Bumblebee's head back...

What "good luck" charms or little things do you carry with you on a run??

Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: BALANCE

Have you ever been in the middle of trying to accomplish a task (ah hem....write up a blog post) when your child(ren) keep interrupting you with something they just have to tell you and you feel yourself getting all bent out of shape and annoyed?  This could be a sign that you may be out of balance. Yes, you time is certainly important and a priority in life but so is the rest of your life. The balancing act is not easy!!  Especially when you have so much to juggle.  i.e.: full-time or part-time job, church, house maintenance, bills, grocery shopping, kid's homework, runs, laundry, dirty diaper butts (Thank You Lord we made it through that stage!), husband (if you have one of those things) or whatever else you have going on. 
Here's a few tips that help me stay slightly balanced:

• I want to start with GRACE. Give yourself some!  We are only human after all!  Be kind to yourself and know that balance is not easy and nine times out of ten we all fail at it daily.

• Create a schedule and try to closely follow it.  But as life is, be prepared to improvise!  Have a plan B, C, D, E, Y, Z ...

• Don't take your work home with you if at all possible.  Save that stress for where it belongs: work. Try to give yourself 15 minutes to unwind on the car ride home or lock yourself in the bathroom at home and pray. Or meditate!

• Set your priorities in stone and do not stray.  Child's needs always come before your own.

• Schedule your runs/workouts in like any other important meeting.

• Try to get as much housework done before you might not be crazy like me, but I can not concentrate with a messy home. I feel if I accomplish the housework I can go on in life to accomplish anything. I know. I'm weird. 

• Know when to turn the "gadgets" off!  If you can, have a totally "tuned-out" day. No Facebook, Twitter, no TV...nothing!  It can be done my friends. And you would be amazed at how much you can get done with all that media free time.

• Yoga...just breathe in and out...

• Tackle one Mountain task at a time.

• There's always tomorrow.  Remember, this too shall pass!

**Here's some additional links that may encourage you further** :)

Interview with Stephanie aka Fit Mom In Training

Mom Vs. Marathon. <~ Really enjoy her blog as a whole!

5 Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Another Mother Runner

Circle of Moms (including 5 Miles Past Empty!)

Happy (&Blessed) Running!

Matthew 6:33 NIV~
"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Mile Time!

David has been working on his mile time!  We are getting pumped up for his second Fun Run September 1st during Hendersonville's Apple Fest!
*So far he has taken off one minute and twenty seconds off his mile time!*  His time to beat from February's Frostbite fun run is 13:50. I have every confidence in him that he CAN!  I think swim team over the summer has tremendously helped his cardio system.

I also think getting him started with Run With Jess's Virtual Games has gotten him excited about running!  Seriously check her blog out!  She is so much fun!  For the past three days this week he has been begging to run a mile on the treadmill.  We did just half a mile outside today. Very hot and humid!  But overall he got in 3.75 miles this week!  How awesome is that?? My son logged some miles AND enjoyed it and I did not force him to!  I promise!  Can I get a GO DAVID!!

Happy (&blessed) Running!

(*so sorry all the pictures are jumbled at the bottom!  I don't have access to a real computer today lol so its all done from the if there are misspelled words I apologize for that too. ;-)*)

BeachBody Review! How INSANE are you willing to go?!

Yes, I do realize that beach season is approaching it's end....but, why let the beach body go?!
Each year we females (and males, go ahead men and admit it!) go through a nasty, vicious cycle of winter weight gain, suffer from guilt and depression, killing ourselves to get back in shape and after it's all said and done we are back to square one.
How about make it a goal to maintain that beach body?  It is so much easier to maintain than to struggle summer after summer. With these programs you get so much MORE than just workout DVDs.  You learn the fundamentals of LASTING fitness.  The results are promising!

Why not start out fresh and cleanse your system?
Ultimate Reset!

If you're ready to amp up your current workout, here's the link to the much anticipated sequel to INSANITY:
INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Workout – THE ASYLUM Volume 2, Next 30 Days of Elite Training –

Link to my favorite Love/Hate relationship:
My core has always been my weakest area.  I hate working it out!  But I love the burn I get from working it out.

And now it is convenient with an app for the iPhone!  Take your workout with you wherever!  How cool is that? Check it out here:  iPhone App

So why BeachBody?

1.) No workout boredom!
2.) Variety that keeps your body guessing!
3.) The online support you need 24/7
4.) The educational tools you need to keep the healthy/active lifestyle a lasting habit
5.) It is fun!
6.) A total hot body! Uh DUH! ;-)
7.) Which in turn gives YOU confidence!
8.) Your body will be stronger than ever!
9.) Increased energy! <-- we could all use more of that!
10.) Nutrition education

And those are just the top 10 reasons among hundreds more!

**As if that wasn't enough motivation, check out one of my very best friends: 

Jenna: wife, mommy, nurse. I am truly in awe of her. I admire so much about her and more than just her awesome post baby body.  She has faith larger than life and a positive attitude.  She has a super, busy life as a mommy to a baby girl who will be ONE this year!  I cannot believe it!  This chick is so awesome, she lives a NO excuses kinda life and gets things done. Including her workouts!  She was able to transform her post baby body into a BODACIOUS body in just a few short months.  Just take a look for yourself!

5 months post-partum (after p90x before insanity)       7 months post-partum (after insanity)
Q's & A's  
1.       Why did I choose insanity? I chose insanity after p90x because I wanted to get my cardiovascular system in better shape and my core.  P90X helped get my muscles more toned and used to working out again after having a baby but I wanted to get more cardiovascular fit.  Plus a few friends of ours told us how great it is to rotate between the 2 workouts all year long.
2.       What was my favorite thing about insanity?  It didn’t require any extra weights and it was on average about 45 minutes to do the workout. 
3.       What was your favorite workout?  Cardio abs!  No boring crunches!


 Quick Links to get you where you need to be:

Follow Beachbody on Twitter!

FACEBOOK BeachBody reset HERE!

YOUTUBE BeachBody Ultimate!


Happy (&Blessed) Running (&p90xing)!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Accountability!

What's harder than starting an exercise program, running plan or healthy lifestyle?? Sticking with it!!! Like any habit it takes TIME to MAKE it a habit.
A few, quick tips to help keep you accountable and excited about your workout plans:

*Accountability partner. Probably one of the best ideas. What better way to get and stay in shape than to do so with a friend. 
Make a running date! Or coffee break to get together and discuss progress (or lack of haha) and motivate each other.

*Keep a journal. I love my runner's journal.  Journal your success and failures and plans to overcome. 

*Keep a list of goals to check off.  Make them specific. And then create a plan to get it done.  I have a list I can check off and keep track of how my weeks/months go.  Nothing quite as satisfying as checking off accomplished goals!

*Sign up for an online "community" like DailyMile
It keeps track of all my miles and workouts. Even tells me how many doughnuts I've burned if that isn't appealing enough!  Plus you get to meet people from all walks and levels of life.  Share advice and tips.

*If you have a smartphone download the Free app Endomondo
Tracks you live with GPS and there's also an online community to join. It will track your runs and generate cool stuff like maps, elevation ect.  I used that one all the time before I purchased my Garmin.  It is an excellent and pretty accurate app.

Oh this post is short and sweet today!  I'm so sorry but work has been CRAZY busy and my poor is suffering undesirable consequences from my lack of upkeep.  It needs help.  Lots of help. Any cleaning fairies wanna join in the party??

What keeps you accountable?

I will have a review coming up shortly for the BeachBody program with before/after pictures of amazing women I know!   I cannot wait to put that one together!  I've heard AWESOME things about all their programs.

Happy (&blessed) Running!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Virtual Omypics Begins with Run with Jess!

Hey!  I'm doing something fun!  Participating in Run With Jess event Virtual Games Olympics style.  She's always got something fun for us runners out there and I love her blog.  Go check her out!!!
Oh I'm serious. 

Run with Jess is hosting this event where we challenge ourselves to complete all events and compare our times to the Olympic athletes (haha as if I didn't realize I was already slow!).  This has started off to be a fun event so far.  It's gotten the family together for some fun and active play!
Here's the link to the official Olympics running events --->NBC Olympics Home
First event was the 100m!  We went over to Brevard College's track and did a warm-up and some 100m runs to test our times. 
Look who I drug along with me!

Everyone was a good and willing sport to join in and participate with me!
Here's our "official" times:

David Ryall:
25.07 secs
Kiana Foster:
24.07 secs
Jackie Morrison:
16.51 secs
Jessica Ryall (aka: me): *May it be known, that during the course of this video, I discovered I have weak ankles...I am still a goofy runner after a year aannnd I am NOT a sprinter!!!*
16.26 secs
Enjoy the fun(ny) video of the event! 
     **Please excuse the not so great video quality....all recorded from the phone and it's my first edited video!  There is one slight 10 second or so area where one of the kids were in charge of recording...You will see where that is ;-)**

Happy (&blessed) Running!

Will I be apart of the 0.5%?

Marathon Running Statistics | Statistic Brain

^ According to this site only 0.5% of Americans have ran a marathon. And I think I know why. Marathon training is HARD.  No jokes about it. One must truly respect the distance, and realize all that it requires for training.

•My house is a disaster most days.
•I don't get enough sleep. (But that could be due to the Olympics being on currently and me being glued to the tv late at night...)
•Long runs are getting looooonger and less enjoyable.
•Fun little things like blisters.  Sports bra chaffing.
•Waking up ridiculously early just to get runs done.
•Cross-training. (Which I've been slack on AGAIN.)
•Trying to find TIME for it all. 
•Speedwork, tempo runs, long runs, warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching, core-work, functional exercise yada yada.
All this can really add up to total exhaustion. Fatigue.
If I didn't have a demanding, full-time job on my feet all day....(although I've heard of plenty of people who manage jobs, homes, families and train as well....I'm just having a "arrrrgh why-do-I-have-to-work" moment)
I began questioning my sanity; why I am doing this, again?
Trying to manage a home and child while giving the Kid 100% of what he deserves from a mommy has been a challenge.
Being a single parent is hard enough, why did I think I could tackle a marathon?

Because I want to. And I know I can. It's a personal challenge, that when I complete the race, it will truly be an amazing accomplishment.  It keeps me pushing to be the best me I can be.  My son has been watching me work hard toward my goals and I believe he is catching the running bug. He loves running on the treadmill!  During his swim practices he had a great work-hard attitude.  He will also get down and crank some push-ups out with me.  So I know this is more than just benefiting my own personal health.
Yet still, somedays its hard to find the energy to get up and go.
It isn't easy. But then again as they say, if it was easy everyone would do it.

I think I need help. I have a goal. I can't imagine not meeting it.
I knew 16 weeks of marathon training would be long and tiring. But now, it is beginning to sink in...and I'm only on week 5! When you find yourself in this place what do you do to get pumped back up? 

Happy (&blessed) Running!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview With The Beastette of CrossFit

Running is not for everyone.  What?!
Let me introduce you to my sister, The Beast Beastette.  She's hard core.  Back in the day in high school she was a sprinter in track. Out sprint, out lift me anyday. (She still does.) Then she found herself pregnant her junior year of high school. Life changed. Fast. As any mother knows from the moment of conception your life is no longer your own. And as it happens, your personal health is often left on the back burner. She was also diagnosed with PSOC  (Polycystic ovary syndrome is when the woman's hormones are out of balance) which makes losing weight very difficult. As the years went on so did they weight and lack of confidence.
But life does not stop there.  Here is a woman who found a way to keep truckin through.  Not just surviving through but thriving.  Living life the way it was meant to lived, to the fullest.  I hope her journey encourages YOU!
Here she is with her daughter, at Easter

Her and I before the Tata Trot in May
And then there was CrossFit. It brought her back to life.  I have always been proud to be her sister because of her honest, unselfish, caring nature.  She's always been faithful and true. And now more than ever I am proud to call her my sister and friend. She has been to every single one of my races always on stand by for support and moral.  Not to mention getting up super early to help with hair and nails before race time!  Has my Kid while I run.  She's just always there.

Feeling confident now!

Here I asked her a few questions about it all: 

FFIF(Flying Feet in Faith): When did you start?

TBJM(The Beastette Jackie Morrison): January 26th 2012

FFIF: What inspired to you to start?

TBJM: I started because Aaron (best friend of all time and father to her beautiful girl) encouraged me. Plus I wanted to try something to lose weight. Having pcos makes it really hard to lose weight. I had tried walking and eventually running with Jenny, my friend, but I wasn't getting anywhere. Thought a trainer might help.

FFIF: What do you like most about CrossFit?

TBJM: I love how I feel most of the time when I am done. I especially love lifting weight. I remember when we did front squats  for the first time John asked if I had lifted weights before. I said no, he said I had good form. He told me usually he doesn't allow people just starting out to add weight but he let me. :)

FFIF: Have you ever had a bad moment or feelings of giving up?  And how did you manage to get motivated and keep going?

TBJM: The worst day of Crossfit was when I had a full blown asthma attack at crossfit. It was sooo embarrassing. I was crying, sweating, red as a tomato and gasping for air. Everyone surrounded me out of concern but it embarrassed me having them all there like that. Being big and trying to work out and that happen just made me feel bigger. It took a lot but I returned trying to put it behind me. It scares me sometimes to this day of that happening so sometimes I don't work as hard as I could. But I still workout pretty hard.

FFIF: Have you gained anything besides weight loss success?

TBJM: I have always loved sports and working out.  This allows me to workout and be competitive.  I found something that it is cool to not be a dainty girl. Always felt out of place being big and so strong. Now I fit in.  :))

Here she is before CrossFit today! Check that smile out!

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**I don't know too much about CrossFit, but I do know that several people have had tremendous success with it and there is never a dull or boring workout!  Also, your workouts are scaled to YOUR level.  So no need to worry about not being able to do it.  I would encourage everyone to give it a shot.  Check out the links above and read up on it!**

Happy (&blessed) Running (CrossFitting)!