Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: XT on a Budget/Fitness Binder

Why even bother with XT (cross-training) when you just love to run all day everyday??? Two very good reasons my friends.
  1. To build strength in supporting muscles and functions to prevent injury. 
  2. To prevent burn-out or boredom with running.
If I could, I would just run all day, everyday.  I do not enjoy XT  much at all. It feels like work. Hard work. Most people like to turn to biking (which is a GREAT mode of XT) or swimming.  I however:

A.) Do not own a bike. 
B.) Do not own a pool and can not afford a club membership anywhere.

So if you find yourself in a boat similar to me or just don't like biking or swimming or are just looking for variety, here are a few tips and things I find useful to help balance my running routine:
  • Pilates (you can find a variety of DVDs under or around $10 at Walmart!)
  • Yoga (your body will thank you!)
  • Jump rope
  • Park time with the kid(s)(think monkey bar pull ups and bench step-ups!)
  • Magazine workouts: see below!

This is something I've been meaning to do a long time ago...
Create a fitness/XT binder (see picture steps below)

**This is a SUPER easy peasy little thing to do!  I promise!  If I can do it in under 30 minutes (thanks to my son's attention being occupied with his buddy yesterday) anyone can do this. And it is SIMPLE; my favorite word. Basically all you do is:

1.) Grab all your favorite Fitness, Runner's World, Women's Health, Women's Running (my personal favorite..I really enjoy their Blog too!) magazines...if you're anything like me you've probably grown quite a collection!  I've always hated throwing them away or I will find a favorite article or workout only to toss it by accident.

2.) Cut out all your favorite workouts, recipes, articles 

3.) Organize them by tabs...mine are organized by Yoga, Core, Notes, Recipes, Races. The beauty of this project is that you can create it however you want. Tweak it to your interests. You can make it as simple or creative as you'd like.
  *I added a race tab with an extra folder to keep directions to races, map routes, hotels, ect. ect.

4.) RECYCLE them!  Earth911 is a useful website with more tips on reusing and recycling magazines or anything.  I was able to locate several recycling facilities in my area that I didn't even know about!
*VoĆ­la! * You now have all your fitness/XT needs in one organized place.  Remember, organization is a huge time-saver!!Annnnd, you've helped save the earth one pile of magazines at at a time. 

I hope you find this useful and enjoy!


  1. Great idea! I've done something similar with home decor magazines in the past. But I later discovered I'm no decorator! Lol! But this would definitely be a binder I would refer to for XT.
    I had a customer tell me about a magazine swap party she was going to. So a bunch of women get together for a little party and bring all their gently read magazines to trade! I thought that was a good idea too.
    I enjoy your blogs, Jessica. Great inspiration! My best girl friend and I are THINKING about doing a half! Crazy! Keep up the great work and stay healthy as you train :)

  2. Cool! Which half are you THINKING of doing?? :-) Do it! You'll be glad you did! I'm hoping to run the half in Asheville if I can get the funds for the race fee lol. It's filming up quickly though ...


Thanks for the love :~)