Friday, July 6, 2012

My new main squeeze!

Like a big kid getting a new toy.
I was SO excited to get my FuelBelt 22oz handheld water bottle in the mail! And you know the silly thing of it is I've put off purchasing this because it was "too expensive".  Well now I have a majorly different point of view:  a trip to the ER to get 2+ liters of fluid pumped in me costs waaaaay more!! I tend to learn things the more challenged way. But there's a fine line between taking on a challenge and just being plain stupid.

I will be taking it out on a test run Saturday morning. I can not wait!  I will post reviews soon after. I'm pretty sure it will prove to be a smooth ride. The hand holder is super soft and cushy.  And the nozzle opens up easy.  (Unlike a knockoff brand I purchased.. I would have to stop and use BOTH hands to open it to get a tiny sip...arrrrg!!)
I'm also taking a mocha flavored (I am a coffee lover!) Cliff Bar Energy Gel.  They are pretty tasty and go down easy with some water. They really help get me through the long runs with lasting energy.  (Why didn't I think to use one on the 10k?? I truly underestimated the race.)  I have yet to try the GU gels that many runners love, mainly because the Cliff gels are more accessible for me. I buy them right in my local Walmart for a small price! 

So. To my main squeeze:
I vow to fill you up with water or Gatorade!
I vow to take you on EVERY long run or short run in heat and humidity!
I vow to stuff energy gels in your nifty little zipper pocket!
I vow to NEVER EVER let myself dehydrate again! No excuses!
And they lived happily ever after. 

Me and my main squeeze :~)

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