Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mission Accomplished

Ah ha!  It worked!  Knowing I had to (refer to last Monday's post) take a picture to show proof I filled up my running journal with runs and XT gave me a swift kick in the bootay to get my week on!  Okay so I was supposed to show proof Sunday but whatever....what's a day right?  It was much easier last week because I was on my little staycation (away from work thank you Jesus!) But now it's back to the grind....boooooooo!!!
Getting 30 miles in last week felt like a piece of cake. I'm curious to see how I feel now that I'm back at work on my feet all fun-lovin day.  (Will someone pleeeeease pay me to run and blog all day?)
Anyway, on another note.... I really like my Runner's Journal. It's technically called, The Complete Runner's Day-By-Day Log 2012 Calendar by Marty Jerome. It has all the calendar space I need and includes tips and quotes that help encourage me each week. 

The quote in the picture is one from the Running Calendar, one I love the most!

Happy (&blessed) running!

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