Monday, July 9, 2012

Let the OBX MARATHON Training Begin!

It's official!  The 16 week Marathon training plan of has begun! This will truly challenge and test my determination, guts, discipline and mental willpower to the limits.  I've got to learn from past mistakes.  Continue to read, study, push myself.  I will be required to exit my comfort zone...almost daily.  Listen to my body. Learn from body. For example:I have come to realize I am a tinkler and salty sweater therefore I must HYDRATE constantly…just in case you wanted that bit of TMI. 
The OBX Marathon is 18 weeks away!  I will be following the Run Less, Run Faster 16 week plan.**  My goal: TO FINISH WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE AND NOT PEE MY PANTS!  I know...admirable goals, eh? :~) I'm trying my best not to focus on time. That can come later; should I choose to run another one. 
Why am I even running this one?  Because I can. Because I'm crazy.  Because running is fun and I get to meet new people. And it supports families in need. Which is always cool.  And I get a super cool shirt and medal. Why not?

**I am allowing for two extra weeks for a taper and recovery for the half-marathon in September here in Asheville.  Check out the Asheville Citizen-Times Half-Marathon site here!  Looks like a rural and challenging route!

I started this blog post last weekend so...(total blog slacker here)
Anyway, I've completed week one of training.  Including the first long-run of them all, 13 miles. Which went surprisingly well.  I guess having water and energy gels on hand helps a ton!  You can keep up with my training log at DailyMile if ya want.  It's a great place to keep every workout and detail in one spot. Even does all the math for you (pace, talleys all the miles, etc.); and if you're like me...uh mathmatically challenged at times, it's great!  I really like the people and support too. You learn a lot from more experienced runners.  And in turn you can encourage those who are newbies.

So here's to the OBX 2012!!! <-- check it out!  Looks like a blast!

*It's not too early to practice carb loading is it??  I do realize I probably should have gone with grilled chicken..but eh, all I had on hand was the kid's chicken strips.  Protein is protein.*

P.S.~ All you marathoners, any words of wisdom in going into training and managing work (on your feet all day full time), home, and family??


  1. Will this be your first marathon? I am running my very first marathon in San Fran on July 29th. I would say that having some sort of training plan would be my best advice to help with balancing your time. You have to consider the running to be part of your life and commitments to yourself. I bet the OBX Marathon will be awesome!! Good Luck!

  2. Yes, it will be my first! The Run Less, Run Faster plan seems to be working well. Three runs+ two days of xt. I usually do yoga or pilates. I wish I could see Cali one day soon! Looks like there's tons of races and outdoors fun! Good luck to you on your upcoming (very soon!) Marathon!


Thanks for the love :~)