Saturday, July 21, 2012

Figuring the Tech/Social Media Scene: Have I become a TwittFace??

So I've been seeing a lot of FitFluencial peeps and it really encourages me to strive for a better life.  And it also encourages me to strive after becoming a FitFluential Ambassador.  But how to do this?  I have to be a "fit" influence in my community and have a blog (check) and a Twitter account.  So I signed up for Twitter and I guess my "screen" name is @jessflyingfeet...Anybody have tips for getting around the social media world?  I want to be a positive influence in my little corner of the world and then beyond that!  I want to show that just because I am a single mother, life has not stopped for me.  In fact it has only begun!  And what better way to share with the world the power of running?  The gift of running.  God has blessed me in so many ways.  And if God gives you a gift, I can think of nothing better than sharing that gift. 
I did finally figure out how to "create" a page on Facebook for my blog.  Why not LIKE my Facebook page??  :~)

This whole thing has definitely been a HUGE (and slow...) work in progress.  I have been trying to maintain a balance in life with work, kid, run, blog, repeat.  Not easy.  But the journey has been more than worth it!

Happy (&blessed) running!


  1. I'm no pro, but here are some tips to increase your involvement with Twitter:
    1) on Fridays, many people do a thing called #FF (Follow Friday), where they suggest people to follow. Read through some of those, click on their profiles to see if they are a good 'fit' for you, and follow them accordingly.
    2) keep your eye out for hashtags that interest you. I suggest #fitfluential, #fitblog, #runchat, #runnerd, #attune, #wellnesschat (run by my pal @SarahStanley), #fitstudio, and others that you'll find along the way.
    3) engage. don't be shy. when you see a conversation fly by that interests you, hop on! we do what we do because we love it, and welcome all newcomers!!
    4) here are some twitter accounts that i highly suggest: @KellyOlexa, @BonniePfiester, @SarahStanley (Faith is big with her, too!), @ArcticEase, and (let's more...ummm...) @elle_dubya. but don't do it blindly. check out their twitter pages, then their blogs as a next step. you'll find more along the way.
    5) remember that you can 'unfollow' at anytime!

    ok, that should keep you busy for a few evenings. hit me up either on twitter or though email if you have questions!

    Peace, yo!

    1. Wow thanks!! Super helpful!! Yes...that should keep me busy for a while!


Thanks for the love :~)