Thursday, June 28, 2012


Run 10 Feed 10 <~ Link to the event website

CLICK HERE for the FEED foundation

I've never ran a virtual race, but this one really strikes my interest. I love food. And I am able to eat most anytime I need or want. However, there are many who don't and therefore are not getting the vital nutrition their bodies need.  If I can help feed 10 families just by running I'm all for it!!  I don't live by any of the cities listed on the web site but I can run my own 10k.Planning on running it October 6th or September 23rd; depends of course on how my work schedule plays out. 
*Anyone who's participated in a virtual race, can you tell me how it works?  Do I just pick a familiar 10k route and go?*

*Would anyone be interested in joining me in a virtual race?*

Happy (&blessed) running!

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