Monday, June 11, 2012

Marathon in the world do you settle on ONE?!

Why is it so difficult to pick the one race...the Marathon. I want to make sure it is the ONE.  I have been tossing around idea after idea and as soon as I've settled on one I start to wonder if another one would be better...
As it stands, my first choice was the OBX pirate themed marathon.  The Outer Banks would be a fun race I would think and the reviews were pretty cool...but cost in the overall trip is a huge negative factor.  Think gas, hotel,'s roughly 9 hours away! (I think..)
Then there is the smaller scaled Spinx marathon in Greenville. Not my first or second choice but MUCH more affordable.  Closer to home and fee to run is about half of the others. (*remember, I am a single mom and do not have a million dollar job*)
Then I had the BRILLIANT IDEA...could I raise enough money by August 20th to earn my way into the Savanna, Georigia Rock N' Roll Marathon through the American Cancer Society???
If I could, costs wouldn't be an issue. For me. But then I'd be alone on that one. I enjoy having my sister and my son cheer me on at the race!  Well...maybe they could drive down in the nick of time to see me finish. 
Ideas, ideas and ideas. And I've not settled on one!
Problem numero uno:  I've already paid for OBX back in February because I got that excited.
So. Should I just save up the money and go??
We will see. Maybe I should give myself a deadline.
Decide by JUNE 21st!!!
The marathon is no small thing. Especially when its your first. I want it to be the best expierance ever!
Any ideas or tips on the choosing process?

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