Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Kid's Swim Meet #2 Recap!

Swim meet theme night:  The Hunger Games
Let me say I've not read any of the books nor have I seen the movie so I was a little lost on the game part of it....I know, I know...pathetic.  I'm way behind on the times.
The day was HOT!  High 90s close to the thriple digits.  Ick. So the kid wasn't too into things until we realized there was a cooling station. We also kept the boy hydrated and all that good stuff.
Oh and I was volunteered to be "the runner" (oddly enough that's what the position was I thought sure I can do this) for the first half of the events (1-40...too many ha!).  My job was to run time cards from the timers to the computer guy/gal so they could record it and "run" back for the next events' cards.  They went by fast, so I literally had to run s lot of it.  And did I mention it was HOT????  I thought I'd pass out. Thank goodness for free ice cold water!  One lady was so kind to relieve me from the position so I could watch the Kid swim his event(s).  *I just found the whole thing slightly amusing. The swimmer and the runner. My kid and I have a good thing going on!*

Event #1: 25 meter freestyle: Well the poor fella wasn't quite ready for the first event so he didn't jump on time. Still came in 4th I believe though. When he came out he was bummed. I encouraged him to dive off the starter block next time. He wasn't sure of it but he did it the next freestyle event (50 meters this time!!!) and it made a huge difference! I was so stinkin proud that he got the courage to try it! 
I'm rushing ahead...hold on...

Event #2: 25m backstroke:  What really impressed me was his backstroke. He floored me!  I thought this was going to be his weakest event but he surged on and got 3rd I believe out of 6.  Which I find pretty darn impressive!  He ran into the lines two or three times but very quickly corrected his stream of things. 

Check out the video below!

Event #3: 50 (FIFTY!)m freestyle:  By this time he had his game face on. He was ready for this. Before the swim he had told me he about threw up (maybe from snacking? But the kid had to eat!!) He said he was strong and swallowed it.  Ew. But hence THE BEAST t-shirt!  So he gets on the starting block and I'm thinking, he's gonna do it!  I would have snapped a pick of him up there but my lovely phone died. Nice. And he DID IT!!  He jumped off and dove in like a 7 year old pro. And it definently gave him a much better advantage at the start than before.  He came in 2nd. I'm going to have to wait for the official results to be 100% sure on this but from what I saw I believe this is correct. 

Event #4: 25m freestyle relay:  He was second kid in line to jump off the block and he absolutely nailed it!  He swam hard.  He and his team came out first!! I couldn't of been more excited for him. I knew he was on cloud nine!  He got a ribbon right away that night for coming in first!

Oh and what's a race without a t-shirt right?
 Check out our super cool tees we scored!

My water BEAST :)

My running BEAST shirt :)

*ps~I realize this is meant to be a runner's blog but I just have to include the kid too!! He inspires me and I hope he does you too.  Because despite his fears of trying something new he went out there and did it. He stepped up to the block ;~)*
Happy (&blessed) running (&swimming)!


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