Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Kid's Swim Meet #2 Recap!

Swim meet theme night:  The Hunger Games
Let me say I've not read any of the books nor have I seen the movie so I was a little lost on the game part of it....I know, I know...pathetic.  I'm way behind on the times.
The day was HOT!  High 90s close to the thriple digits.  Ick. So the kid wasn't too into things until we realized there was a cooling station. We also kept the boy hydrated and all that good stuff.
Oh and I was volunteered to be "the runner" (oddly enough that's what the position was I thought sure I can do this) for the first half of the events (1-40...too many ha!).  My job was to run time cards from the timers to the computer guy/gal so they could record it and "run" back for the next events' cards.  They went by fast, so I literally had to run s lot of it.  And did I mention it was HOT????  I thought I'd pass out. Thank goodness for free ice cold water!  One lady was so kind to relieve me from the position so I could watch the Kid swim his event(s).  *I just found the whole thing slightly amusing. The swimmer and the runner. My kid and I have a good thing going on!*

Event #1: 25 meter freestyle: Well the poor fella wasn't quite ready for the first event so he didn't jump on time. Still came in 4th I believe though. When he came out he was bummed. I encouraged him to dive off the starter block next time. He wasn't sure of it but he did it the next freestyle event (50 meters this time!!!) and it made a huge difference! I was so stinkin proud that he got the courage to try it! 
I'm rushing ahead...hold on...

Event #2: 25m backstroke:  What really impressed me was his backstroke. He floored me!  I thought this was going to be his weakest event but he surged on and got 3rd I believe out of 6.  Which I find pretty darn impressive!  He ran into the lines two or three times but very quickly corrected his stream of things. 

Check out the video below!

Event #3: 50 (FIFTY!)m freestyle:  By this time he had his game face on. He was ready for this. Before the swim he had told me he about threw up (maybe from snacking? But the kid had to eat!!) He said he was strong and swallowed it.  Ew. But hence THE BEAST t-shirt!  So he gets on the starting block and I'm thinking, he's gonna do it!  I would have snapped a pick of him up there but my lovely phone died. Nice. And he DID IT!!  He jumped off and dove in like a 7 year old pro. And it definently gave him a much better advantage at the start than before.  He came in 2nd. I'm going to have to wait for the official results to be 100% sure on this but from what I saw I believe this is correct. 

Event #4: 25m freestyle relay:  He was second kid in line to jump off the block and he absolutely nailed it!  He swam hard.  He and his team came out first!! I couldn't of been more excited for him. I knew he was on cloud nine!  He got a ribbon right away that night for coming in first!

Oh and what's a race without a t-shirt right?
 Check out our super cool tees we scored!

My water BEAST :)

My running BEAST shirt :)

*ps~I realize this is meant to be a runner's blog but I just have to include the kid too!! He inspires me and I hope he does you too.  Because despite his fears of trying something new he went out there and did it. He stepped up to the block ;~)*
Happy (&blessed) running (&swimming)!


Thursday, June 28, 2012


Run 10 Feed 10 <~ Link to the event website

CLICK HERE for the FEED foundation

I've never ran a virtual race, but this one really strikes my interest. I love food. And I am able to eat most anytime I need or want. However, there are many who don't and therefore are not getting the vital nutrition their bodies need.  If I can help feed 10 families just by running I'm all for it!!  I don't live by any of the cities listed on the web site but I can run my own 10k.Planning on running it October 6th or September 23rd; depends of course on how my work schedule plays out. 
*Anyone who's participated in a virtual race, can you tell me how it works?  Do I just pick a familiar 10k route and go?*

*Would anyone be interested in joining me in a virtual race?*

Happy (&blessed) running!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My little running coach

I have the BEST coach ever. Seriously. He's seven years old and happens to be my kid.
He is learning what it means to work hard and challenge himself. Anytime I start to doubt myself or if I'm just having a rough day, my little buddy is always there with words of encouragement like, "you know you can do this!"
Now he's not always into my little work out dvds (as he calls them) but when I'm working on some paticular move(s), like the crazy chaturanga push-ups (ugh those are super hard!), he let's me know how my form is.  "Straighten your back mom!"  And he will challenge me to do 5 more.  He's a great kid. I'm telling ya!
Now with his swim practices and meets he's really learning what it means to challenge himself. He might say, "It's hard!" But he's getting the hang of not being afraid to try something new, like the backstroke.  Even the small details of life can help us grow stronger. It's all in how we deal. We could say it's too hard so I'm not going to try. OR we could say it's hard and I'm gonna give it all I have today. That's all we have to do. Just take it one day at a time.
Even if it's just 5 more reps of a move.
25 yards more of a backstroke.
10 more minutes of a run, jog, walk whatever your current level
2 more push-ups. <-- hey, now that's a challenge for me!
30 more seconds of a yoga pose.
10 extra minutes praying with your kid(s) at night. *this one being the most vital in all of life*

Give it all you got today and then some!  And when you feel like you just cant , give it to God.  HE is more than able.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I like cake.

If for no other motivation to run...
I have found my new favorite running shirt!  David gets clothes handed down from his cousins and this one was big enough for me so I swiped it! :~)

Happy (&blessed) running!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Kid's swim meet!

Check this kid out!  I could not be more PROUD of him.
He's always loved the water. Pool. Lake. River. Ocean. He just loves the swim. All of a sudden I had a light-bulb moment.  So I googled.  I had no idea our county had a swim team or even what ages they let participate.  But after a few clicks and an e-mail later the kid was signed up.
My kid has never had the official swimming lessons. He can swim for sure just didn't with the correct "stroke" I guess you call it. *Don't think I could ever do a tri because I know zilch about swimming.  It's rather embarrassing.* But after just three practices he was ready and more than willing to get his feet wet, yes pun itended :~), with his first swim meet.
Lemme tell ya, this kid was awesome!  Now we have played all kinds of sports, basketball, soccer, baseball...but NEVER has he ever been so into  a sport.  He was cheering on his other teammates, paying close attention and soaking it all up.
I'm still not sure why I haven't thought of this before. I guess because ball is such a big deal around here that I thought that's what we do. But sometimes going a different direction and trying something new is the way. I'm so proud of my son. He was so brave. He says, "momma, I'm not a quitter and I'm gonna swim as fast as I can." and boy did he!  He wasn't first or second but also wasn't last!  And for just learning the correct way to swim with only 3 days of real practice I think he did awesome!
And I had a lot to learn as well...
When we first arrived to the pool (we had to drive a little over an hour to the away meet) I felt like a fish out of water {again, pun intended here..haha I think I'm funny} because I knew nothing of swimming, meets, heats, jammers, goggles, 25s or 200s, butterflys, freestyles or anything. I didn't know where to sit, stand, who to talk to.  But as the other teammates and families rolled it I finally got settled and started chatting with other new swim moms and some seasoned swim moms. I learned an awful lot that day.  Little dude only had one event close to the beginning and I had planned on leaving earlier but the kid really enjoyed watching about half the events. I expected him to be ready to go the minute he was done but he was excited to watch his teammates.
I think the most awesome thing from this whole adventure is his positive attitude.  He has a no quitter, hard working, dedication kinda 'tude.

And I think, when your kid(s) see your good habits, they learn valuable lessons that cannot be taught from books. I don't enjoy every single training run, but I do them. I go. I fight. I conquer my fears.

Hard work and dedication is my son's "go-to" phrase.  And his new favorite theme song is "What it Takes to Win" by Journey.
I love that kid. 

Don't be afraid to try something new and get your feet wet!

Race with Purpose

When I first began the whole racing thing I decided to make sure every race has meaning. Not just a time and place. This one is dedicated to all our troops. In honor of them I have my buddy's troop number on my back. They are currently oversees fighting for our freedom. And our freedom includes running free.  My little 6.2 miles is nothing compared to the miles away they fight. But it's a small gesture of my gratitude.
*And on the back of my old race bib is the number 173; from my fastest race to date.  Also, the number of his Airborne troops. Coincidence?!

Run with purpose!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Little Runner Who Could

I'm not sure that I've mentioned this small fact about myself...but I'm short.  Standing tall at 5'0"...I may have 1/8th of an inch on that.
But at any rate. That means short legs. People have asked if I feel exhausted trying to race up against other runners with the taller, gazelle type bodies.  Sometimes.  But I try to make up for it with a shorter stride and quicker cadence.  More times for my feet to push off the ground and propel myself forward.  Well that's my theory anyway.
*So what things in life about you or your circumstances make you feel unable to be your very best?  Or make you feel like you're just not good enough?*
Well lemme tell ya, YOU are more than good enough!  Believe it!
When you feel like things are stacked against you, or you've fallen short (yes, pun intended, ha!) of your goals, or you just can't manage to keep up or when training gets tough, go to your "go-to" phrase.  If you don't have one, get one NOW!  I'm talking about that one or two (or however many) word(s) snippet that helps you snap outta your funk.  When I'm struggling with a long run I like to remind myself to just run. Just run. Or if I'm climbing a hill that I feel like is neverending, I think I can, I think I can. Doesn't matter how silly it sounds...nobody can read your mind. Now if you start talking aloud to yourself I can't help you there!  Which I've even done myself..ahem. 
I also like to pray. Pray hard!  And remind myself that God has given me this body. I am to honor it. He gives me the strength I need everyday.  A few "power running" verses I go to when the going gets tough:

Isaiah 40:31 NIV

"but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary, (<---they will RUN and not grow favorite bit)
they will walk and not be faint."

Philippians 4:13 NIV

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

Psalm 19:4-5

"..In the Heavens He has pitched a tent for the a champion (<--You are a champion!!) rejoicing to run his course."

If you have a "go-to" phrase please share!  I would love to hear from YOU!

~happy (&blessed) running my friends~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

4th of July race duds

Girl on a budget!
>Tank: $3.88 Walmart (which I didn't purchase myself...a sweet lady overheard me chatting with my co-workers about wanting the tank but not having any money on me at the time, for the race and 10 minutes later she came back with a receipt and tank!  *Angels among us..even in the small details of life!*
>Shorts: $12.00 Belk
I'm loving the bold colors!  A nice change of pace from pink and black!  And now that the outfit is complete I'm getting excited!  Nervous too...I've ran over 6 miles at a time on several runs...but never raced 6.2 miles!  Baby steps up to the big goal. The MARATHON! If I'm this nervous before the little races I think I will be a wreck before the marathon. 

P.S.~ Where are my shoes in this picture?? I'm not a barefoot runner!  I like my Brooks Cadence!  Think the yellow will clash too bad with the red, white and blue? Eh...if they help me go super fast who cares!

P.P.S.~ It's okay to laugh at my puny arm muscles. It's cool. I'm aware they're puny. I'm a work in progress!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

I've never really been a great cook.  But if there's one thing (among a thousand other things) that running gives you its wisdom. I feel it not only provides discipline in life but also the drive to do better. To be better. To try new things. Things you never thought you'd be any good at.
Well I baked some fish tonight with my Mango Salsa and it turned out amazing!  I never thought I would be able to cook something straight from the fresh fruits and veggie section. And I did it.  Learning to cook (and cook fresh and healthy) for me is like learning how to train for a marathon!
But now I have a teeny bit more confidence. And I have the gift of running from the Good Lord to thank for that.  The discipline and confidence that comes from running carries over into all aspects of life. It is truly a learning journey filled with wisdom bits along the way!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fresh Mango Salsa Trial...and ERROR!

So in taking my own advice my son and I played a little game at the grocery store.  We each pick out a fruit or veggie we have never tried before and googled a recipe for the ingredients. He picked out fresh mango (which at first excited me because I ENJOY anything mango flavored...but fresh mango is slightly different...still tasty however) and I picked out fresh cilantro...
Well apperantly there's a "correct" way to cut a mango. Would of saved me a lot of frustration had I read more into the directions...I just thought oh it must be like an apple..WRONG!
Anyways, I've also discovered that I am in need of new, sharper set of knives. Or maybe a chopping machine.  Yeah, that'd be nice!  Trying to "mince" and "dice" with a near dull blade was like beating my head against the wall. I'm impatient by nature I admit so I didn't quite chop all the onion into teeny, tiny bits..which I later discovered was a bad idea! Also too much jalapeño is not my thing...

I tried it tonight...just by the was so flippin' spicy!!  I about cried.  Yet it was tasty!  I'm hoping when I bake my fish and rice tomorrow it will taste superb.
Next time less jalapeño and smaller bits of onion!
But I'm sure it'll spice up my bland rice and fish tomorrow.
Overall experiance?  I think I will just buy it canned next time. Probably cheaper and I bet there's a milder version available!

You can find the recipe HERE!!

I would love to hear from you! How do your first time recipes turn out??  Anyone tried this one or a similar mango salsa??  I would love tips and suggestions!

Happy eating! ;)
Food is your body's energy! Eat well, run well!

New logo! New small updates!

Welp, I decided to head out to our local library to update a few things on this 'ol blog!  I can't really update pictures or anything else on here from my phone.  So there's been a few small updates.  Click around!

Check out my new fancy picture logo!  How do ya like it?  I'm so proud of myself for figuring that out.  Only took me like two hours last night to figure out how to do it...

Maybe a fresh update will get my blog (and me!) back in the groove of things!

Happy Running!
(p.s. only 22 days till  my first 10k!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Here's the Link to OBX!

Outer Banks Marathon

This is the one I've had my heart set on!

Marathon in the world do you settle on ONE?!

Why is it so difficult to pick the one race...the Marathon. I want to make sure it is the ONE.  I have been tossing around idea after idea and as soon as I've settled on one I start to wonder if another one would be better...
As it stands, my first choice was the OBX pirate themed marathon.  The Outer Banks would be a fun race I would think and the reviews were pretty cool...but cost in the overall trip is a huge negative factor.  Think gas, hotel,'s roughly 9 hours away! (I think..)
Then there is the smaller scaled Spinx marathon in Greenville. Not my first or second choice but MUCH more affordable.  Closer to home and fee to run is about half of the others. (*remember, I am a single mom and do not have a million dollar job*)
Then I had the BRILLIANT IDEA...could I raise enough money by August 20th to earn my way into the Savanna, Georigia Rock N' Roll Marathon through the American Cancer Society???
If I could, costs wouldn't be an issue. For me. But then I'd be alone on that one. I enjoy having my sister and my son cheer me on at the race!  Well...maybe they could drive down in the nick of time to see me finish. 
Ideas, ideas and ideas. And I've not settled on one!
Problem numero uno:  I've already paid for OBX back in February because I got that excited.
So. Should I just save up the money and go??
We will see. Maybe I should give myself a deadline.
Decide by JUNE 21st!!!
The marathon is no small thing. Especially when its your first. I want it to be the best expierance ever!
Any ideas or tips on the choosing process?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Insane? Why yes I am!

Have you ever stopped for a split second and wondered why in the heck you run? Train, train, train, taper, race and repeat. Why?  It's not like I will ever go pro athlete or anything. I am fully aware of all the benefits running provides but sometimes, especially like during today's near failed speed workout for example, I doubt myself and my abilities and my will power.  Ever experience moments like these? And how do you get through those moments?
Or are we all just clinically insane?!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogger App. Testing! Up to speed on a few things!

So let's try the Blogger app...there's a few photos missing from my Blog!  Let me update you on a few events:

Got a cool shot from the Tata Trot in Rosman (courteous of D. Butler Photography)...where I scored a PR and supported a great cause!
We have a local hero, I call her a hero, who has had cancer and beat it then it came back for round two. Right before her first marathon date. But that has not stopped her!  She went through more treatments to battle it again. And out of her courageous ambition the Tata Trot raised more than double than the event did last year!! Now she has created a running group for locals here looking to get on track with running or to "start over" in training with her. I have no doubt in my mind that she will meet that marathon goal!!

And then there was the White Squirrel 5k in which my good friend ran as her first race! She's an amazing woman and I just love her. She sets goals, works hard and meets them! Go girl! Check out our cool matching shirts! And I'm proud to say we weren't last! ;-) it was a fun race!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

getting sleepy...

The process of running and training has its ups and downs...both literally and figuratively.  Tonight my garmin forerunner pooped out on me!  The nerve of that little booger. It isn't but roughly 5 months old.  That got me thinking; have I been relying on the little device too much?  I feel lost without it.  I can't stand the thought of not knowing how long and how fast I've run. So I question I truly enjoy the run or have I become a little competitive freak? Maybe I'm just sleepy and thinking nonsense.  I should rest tonight and wake-up refreshed.  Yup.  That'll be the plan for now.