Saturday, November 5, 2011


So... I've encountered a little prolemo... I work full time (39ish hours a week) on my feet all day with plenty of walking.  Now, I knew this going into my training plan for the 5k but I didn't realize the  toll it would take on my legs and feet. Some advice on working all day standing up and staying pumped about running would be great!

gah.  I feel like I've just hit a writer's block.. a runner's block...all energy gone. Maybe some hot green tea and  early bedtime tonight are in order. 
You have your highs (7.59 miles!) and you lows (feeling completely washed out -_-)
My blog must be pretty boring here lately.. I guess I've just been feeling fatigued this week.  Especially today!  I at least did get in 3 runs and 2 workouts this week.  So that's progress...
Tomorrow is another day.


  1. When I'm sore I take a day off or just do an easy jog. I'm not a pro but in my opinion you just have to push through it. If I can get myself to the gym after a long day I know I'll feel better after I run. Even though I don't want to run at all.

  2. Thanks! I decided to slip a little workout in tonight and I do feel great!


Thanks for the love :~)