Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unexpected hurdles

How bad do I really want it?  After only about a rough 3 hours of sleep, give or take, the alarm has gone off at 6:30 am and it's time to get up.  I've scheduled my long run today and had also planned on meeting a friend for the first half of my run....
Yesterday I was excited about this.   This morning I was not.
Last night I had a war with all three flippin smoke detectors.  One would sound off and then the other two would join in.  I have NO CLUE why they were going off.  They went off every single hour on the hour... 12:20 am....1:30 am....this madness continued and I was getting very irritated!  I tried  covering them up with cardboard and tape.. Well that was dumb.  Didn't work.  I googled ( what would we do without google my friends?) smoke detectors and learned that mine were all wired together to ALL go off if one went off.  So I tried taking batteries out, however, they would still go off.  Finally I figured out how to cut the power source off from the electrical box thingy at 3:50 am.. silence... GOLDEN silence.  Then my alarm sounds off to wake up.  I felt like a bear I tell you!!  But I was bound and determined to get out there and run.
So the run was more like a run, jog, huff and puff, then walk and repeat.  I was so bummed.  I felt like I was running all over the place.  I really enjoyed conversation with a friend for the first half but during my second half I expected better than that of myself.

ok.  So let's make matters worse. My "female" friend time came early.  I'm bloated and fatigued and an emotional basket case....combine that with being tired from no sleep.

Oh, it gets even better...then my music player on my phone suddenly decides it's not going to work.  Something about it's memory being "busy".  What the heck??? But now it plays.  Now that I'm sitting here venting all over my blog.

Today was just a nightmare.  But my point is I guess, is that I only get a few days to go running given my work and son schedule and the fact that I have no treadmill at home.  So I have to get out there and get it done!  I'm glad I went out.  But it really stinks that I felt miserable... I love to run.  I usually love my long runs... but today just felt like a chore.


I know in life there will be unexpected hurdles to jump over.  Its all a matter of how high you're willing to jump.  Sometimes it's going to hurt.  Sometimes it's going to suck.  Big time.  But tomorrow is another day.  Sometimes your body just says, "listen up lady, kick your feet up for a bit and REST"

So after my run today I took a nice long nap... felt so good.

To see the positive in negative:

  1. I'm blessed to have a warm, safe house with "working" smoke detectors
  2. I'm blessed to have a warm, cozy bed to snuggle in
  3. I'm blessed to have wonderful friends and family
  4. I'm blessed to have food in my house
  5. the sun is shining today
  6. I have warm running gear
  7. Water is free
  8. I'm off work today
  9. I have an amazing son!
  10. And the Good Lord above cares for me
Not sure if any of you out there have experienced such a day, or maybe even worse, but when all is said and done, you survived.  You lived.  And it's gonna be all good.  Eventually.

So jump those hurdles like there's no tomorrow!  (cry through your runs if you have to.. it's okay to be a big baby once in a while okay)

Hurdles aren't bad in themselves.  I learned a few things about myself and where I have my weaknesses.

  1. I had become too dependent on my electronic device to get me through with music
  2. I'm a grouch when tired
When you find yourself jumping those hurdles take them as learning lessons.  Next run I need to leave the music at home and just run.

just run.

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